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1 The emotions that are in our way, and in the way of scientific research.
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What is inside the molecular structure of grass, that is not inside the molecular structure of stone?

Inger's theories are based upon studies and discoveries done over a period of 12 years, studying life in philosophic ways, in many different angles, without being influenced by the prevailing perceptions or by media. She is engaged in conveying that she has discovered a number of things that science take for granted or ignore because of the ruling culture within research and teaching. Here are some themes that are ground breaking and different:

  Acknowledging that human beings consist of both visible and invisible parts, i.e. body, thoughts and feelings. This is an axiom, a basic, obvious truth even if it cannot can be proved by traditional scientific methods. It is ignored by science today.

Our thoughts work and are just as real as matter. Do we need to prove our thoughts? Like mobile phones and TV sets, they are real because they work.

  Physics is showing very much about particles, atoms and molecules, but everything alive must contain more than atomic and molecular structures. There is something present in plants and all living creatures including the humans, that science have not started to search for yet.

  Basic studies of particles by logic-philosophic approach to atoms show that particles have conscious abilites and qualities. Where science is today, there is a huge need to see this so that new research can include consciousness.

  Biology has found very much about the cells' functions, but still not found what life is. Studies on and experiences about the human body shows that cells have a kind of consciousness, which starts in the first cell of an individual and continues as energy in every single cell as the propulsion for all life. It must have been programmed at the morning of existence.

Inger is also engaged in peace work because she means that the life energy is the same for all humans. She means that releasing emotions is a very fruitful contribution to world peace also because most human beings carry a lot of emotional pain, which contributes to create conflicts and wars.
It is a key to agreements and world peace.