Apocalypse - what does it really mean?
Are we in the middle of a strong change in the collective consciousness? Is this the transition to a new era?

Apocalypse is a word I have used in several contexts. I have justified the chaos in which we find ourselves politically, spiritually and morally by saying that we are in the middle of the apocalypse. I will explain why I mean so. The word actually means "that which is revealed" or "disclosure of knowledge". In a biblical context, the expression has been used for "judgment day". I do NOT mean that we are in the middle of doomsday, but that we are facing very big changes that will demand something from the vast majority of people living in the modern world.

 (The picture is nevertheless a section of Michelangelo's "Doomsday")

Throughout human history, humans have never known the background of our existence. For almost twenty years, I have worked actively and partially full-time to find answers to the riddles of life.
It started when, in the 1980s, I became interested in reincarnation, then in what happens before and after the life we live on Earth. I felt along the way that I couldn't find good, unequivocal answers, so I searched further through books, courses, self-development and travel. In 2003 I began to hear a voice inside my head, a voice I could distinguish from my own thoughts. Today, having been in contact with the higher dimensions since that time, I have found answers to much of what I sought. There are completely new, unique answers that no one else has found, so getting into my work means putting aside most of old beliefs.

What I convey is not religion! That doesn't mean it excludes history. Along the way, I have obtained information from historical events that are referred to in religious scriptures and I have understood why they occurred. What I have found is that people have needed good rules of living throughout history. It has made intelligent consciousnesses, which together can be considered to be " a part of God", to program our souls' perception of moral. The different consciousnesses that have given rules of living have not cooperated along history! They have partly opposed each other. What is happening in our time is that they are finding a common understanding, a true understanding about the origin of existence and about the background to why humans on Earth never have managed to create lasting peace.
The two most important things to understand about the times we live in have roots very far back:

In the beginning of existence, everything that exists was one large, coherent, light-organism that had one conscious point. It split itself into pieces, that is, light-particles. This organism developed to contain both good and evil, although the nature of existence is good. Evil came in with infiltrating particles that have appeared inside individuals, so that those individuals did not feel it was wrong to behave dishonestly, greedily, arrogantly and domineeringly, unless they had a moral guideline. Through contact with higher consciousness, I have found how it came to be like that. The consciousnesses that were created by the one point, which can be considered the core of God, developed into consciousness-individuals. They evolved from just a few particles. They have had to make a lot of experiences and mistakes on the way to where we are today. Today, these great consciousnesses , which together can be considered "God", cooperate. They are now pulling out the negative particles that have caused people to behave badly. Those particles belong to a sun far away and are now being sent back there.

To be precise, we can say that "God" is really "All that is" and that the dark sides of existence have been part of "God". Yet, central to this understanding is the core of the light organism. The Fantastic Consciousness that set it all in action by splitting itself into pieces, has over the last few years, understood what went wrong throughout history. This will lead to changes in consciousness also on Earth.

The other major event that is about to happen, is th True Creator's return. What makes this time so turbulent, is that the Consciousness that had developed into Creator-consciousness on Earth became misinterpreted and let down a long time ago.
It was he who created the first cell and developed life on Earth with his intelligence and his thought power.
(Yes, he is a male consciousness. Early in the history of existence, there were two of the very first master consciousnesses that thought of creating two types of individuals to create contrasts/difference. It was done to give progress and enrichment because everything else just was light. The Creator-consciousness for Earth is their "son".) Here we make a big leap in history, up to the first period when humans lived on Earth.

When the first two people, man and woman, had developed into a herd of about 30 adults and children, they had not yet managed to develop as he wanted; The Creator Consciousness then took up residence in a physical body to be present with them. Once, while he was with them, he became very angry about something that happened. This could be seen from the invisible dimension above Earth. That made the "Source's consciousness", which had then been infiltrated by dark particles without understanding it, decide that he could not continue to be responsible on Earth!

The consciousness of the Source had not progressed further at that time!  What happened is the most destructive thing that has ever happened to humanity. What is being done now, in our time, intends to correct this misunderstanding so that the true Creator consciousness becomes a unified leader of humanity's collective evolution. (Anger is not really a negative emotion, but a necessary reaction that we must learn to control and work through.)

What happened then was that another consciousness, which had no experience, was put in charge of the humans instead of the Creator consciousness. In other words, the consciousness from which humans were to evolve had no knowledge of creation! On the other hand, he was programmed to be loved unconditionally by everyone, while the true Creator was from then on disparaged. He has nevertheless been present on and around Earth throughout human history and participated in the development here in many ways. He has incarnated with parts of himself countless times and learned from his mistakes. He has been both completely ordinary people, but also scientists, great artists, composers, kings and heads of state. As a rule, in these positions he, like many others, has been infiltrated by the dark particles that are now being sent away from Earth. And sometimes his work was not been known until after the person he was, had died.

What is happening now is that the true Creator consciousness is gaining / taking back the power of creation and the responsibility for his creation and for humanity. He does not want the development we have experienced in the last 50-60 years. He wants people to live simpel, close to nature, use their bodies and hands for joy and development and live in relatively small communities. He does not want a digitized world. He wants a down-to-earth existence where we enjoy using our bodies and senses.
He does not want us to take for granted that we can travel around the world on holiday by plane, but rather to have holiday much more in the area of the world where we live. His consciousness will return as what we may call "the collective consciousness" of which we are a part and which will give us the moral direction, as well as the consciousness. It  will give us ideas and drive to do the good things for each other, for ourselves and for society. Without people being aware of it, such a common consciousness, which will now become the energy of the true Creator-consciousness, which contains good rules of living and the experiences of humanity, is absolutely necessary for us to be able to develop our part of the great organism, on a positive, unified and peaceful way.

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