The emotions that are in our way, and in the way of scientific research.
 A bit bout how the human being is the best example of how quantum physics work.

Gradually I understood what development is. It is about how to develop as a human being. It is about how we learn by our experiences and to develop good qualities by trying and failing. Many years passed until I was able to see what prevent people from seeing this.

In media and in society in general, we often get the impression that technological  development is the most important. Is it really the technological innovations that describes whether a society is developing positively?  Is the development in the world unavoidable? I thought so until I really started to look at my own life in my forties.

I had a strong driving force to find answers to the big questions in life. I discovered how important it is to accept all aspects of myself to be able to appreciate myself fully. Then I thought: If accepting myself is what is needed to get on, I even need to accept my feelings. It led to that I tried out how it was to accept every little feeling showing up in my daily life and related to memories poping up.

Gradually it led to great insights. I discovered that our feelings are much more diverse than we are aware of. Early in the process I became aware of how important it is to forgive so I worked through the same memories by forgiving the people involved and even myself. I also asked of forgiveness. However, it was not enough. Still, there could be feelings inside of me that were not of a positive kind. Then the big breakthrough came. I had wondered a lot about what the core of the human being is and came to the result that the most important for all is to feel good, to be loved and to love someone. I realized that our nature is love. Suddenly I understood that I had to acknowledge and forgive even all feelings that was not good and joyful! That was the clue I had been looking for. It was the great door opener.

This is a crucial point. Suppressed feelings make people not believe in themselves, their abilities and possibilities Suppressed feelings limit the humans from using their brain capacity fully! We have huge possibilities, which todays society don't know of, because scientific research is working in a wrong way and direction. - It is because they don't know the secrets of the universe - which is all about consciousness.

Suppressed feelings are being repeated at a subconscious level. They appear in clauses, like "No, it isn't possible." "No, I am not able to do that." "I only feel stupid if I try." "It is impossible." "I'd rather stand in the background so that no one notices me."    

It is a challenge to communicate how positive and fruitful it is to realize exactly what you feel and then to forgive bad feelings. It is actually pain from the smaller and bigger memories that prevents us from developing as individuals and as a species. The more you are able to recognize what you feel and put it behind at a peronal level, the more insights you get. The insights grow because you remove limiting thinking which is caused by the wounds of the soul, i.e. the soul's "conviction" or conclusion about something painful that happened long ago.

Our soul is an extremely important part of us. When we develop, it is actually the soul that develops. However, the soul is clinging to emotional pain, which is not released. During the recent years I have gradually achieved more and more clarity about what the soul is. The soul is an energy that is situated in the molecular "space" that the body consist of. It is concentrated in the middle of the chest. This is why we have a lot of heartly expressions!  

The distance between the electrons and the necleus in the molecules that our cells consist of, is huge, so that there is room for particles spinning in other ways than physical matter. The soul also consist of particles! It is light particles spinning in another way than matter. If particles hadn't had conscious abilities, we would not have had thoughts and feelings! It is not possible to prove this the ordinary scientific way. You need to be willing to release pain to find answers by inner certainty and by connecting to universal consciousness. That is maybe going to be the huge challenge for science in the future?

We may, however, find answers in the physicists' work! The quantum physics says that a particle can influence another particle far from the first particle. This is what the expression called "quantum leap"  means. Actually, we humans are build by quantum physical principles. Everything happening in the physical body is happening because particles are able to communicate with each other. 

All my experiences indicate that the human being consists, not only of the physical body that we see, but by an energy field going through and around the entire physical body. This field make us the advanced beings that we are. There are many things medical science have not found yet, of that reason. The particles in the field are invisible because they are light particles.

All the particles that you consist of must be able to cooperate and communicate to be you! They must be able to operate through you and in the field around you, KNOWING that they are you!

I have understood this even better during the last years after having learned many things from those who have passed over, those who are dead. They sleep during the day because they cannot see each other when it's sunlight! They consist of light particles. We all have a light body inside of our cells. It is the body with which we travel on with when we die. Thus the particles must cooperate about who we are! I mean this happens because of programmings having been done on the particles far back in the past, which then is continuing automatically from generation to generation.

This is why I mean that medical science cannot find the reasons of illnesses until they have understood that particles have conscious qualities and ability to let themselves be programmed to perform very complicated tasks.

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