Inger is a visionary, using her enlightened intuition to explore life

Inger Susaeg worked for 9 years as assistant professor in drama at Bodø University College in Northern Norway. She quit her job in 2004 to work only with the issues presented here, having a strong desire to find the answers to the riddles of life.

The driving force was her interest in self-development and she started to work actively dissolving emotional pain. After having developed a method that made her able to leave behind painful memories, she discovered that even small, difficult situations from her life had influenced her thinking in limiting ways. The more she released her feelings in detail, the more she understood existence, even the universe. She started to communicate with her own cells, understanding how fantastically they work, having conscious qualities.  She constantly got more eager because she understood that the release work brought her to what is called enlightenment.

Theatre work
What is Life Energy?

“One day, after about 4 years, I discovered I was able to communicate with a plant, a big cactus in my living room. In the time that followed, I got many revelations about how nature functions at a non-physical level. I had achieved a level of “knowningness”, which gave me insights at the conscious level of nature. The answers I received often made me more curious and I kept asking questions.  I have continued to do so until this day. There always seems to be more to discover.

Today I have come to the conclusion that light particles' conscious abilities are basic for all life. – That light particles spinning in different ways, still not known to science, are the reason we can think and feel. Invisible light particles, spinning in very certain ways inside of the molecular structure of our bodies make us able to grow, move and develop.  It is particles' spinning pattern, their tasks and their “history” that make them different from each other. The particles of our solar system are very precious of that reason. They contain the history of life on our planet. They have a huge capacity of memory. A very interesting part of my discoveries: What we see in nature would not exist unless particles have been programmed to perform the different tasks they do. It happened long time back. However ajustments are being made even today and will happen in the future.

During the last years, I have found more about particles simply by reflecting on what we know about atoms: To form an atom, the particles must be able to cooperate. They also must remember how to form all the elements and the chemical compounds between them. To cooperate and to remember; these are conscious abilities that electrons must have when you reflect on what they do. An important approach for new research in many disciplines?

I have found the spinning pattern of soul (feeling) energy, the driving force in humans. Physicists might have found soul energy as single particles, not knowing that they belong to a spinning system being the most essential energy inside and around human beings. These particles actually appear as standing still. At my lectures I bring along pictures of how particles spin as soul energy and ethereal energy.”

What is inside Inger’s body, that is not in this bronze statue? What is LIFE?