Particles' conscious abilities can be shown this way.

2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
forming a water molecule

Try to imagine that you are an electron in an oxygen atom. Then you would be one of eight, of exactly the same kind as yourself that spin around the nucleus. What would you have to do to make the atom you are part of, be oxygen? - You would have to cooperate with the other electrons and with the particles in the nucleus (which in oxygen consists of 16 particles, 8 neutrons and 8 protons) to spin in your particular place in the atom. Perhaps you were one of the particles in the outer shell?

Which abilities/qualities must you have to be able to do the job as electron in an oxygen atom?

You would have to

  • Know how an oxygen atom are being formed. How many particles there must be in it and how you spin.
  • Remember exactly the atomic structure you are in at the moment.
  • Cooperate with the other particles to form exactly this atom.
  • Communicate with the other particles to keep the right distance and to form molecules.
  • Trust that the other particles do their job. Trust yourself the same way.
  • Be equal with the other particles. Every one of you are doing an equally important job.
  • Be persistent. If you got fed up and wanted to run away, it would not be an oxygen atom.
    These are conscious qualities!
    Can you find any more conscious qualities?

If the oxygen atom that you are participating to form meets two hydrogen atoms and the circumstances are the right, you would join them and form a water molecule! As an electron in the oxygen atom you know that you cooperate with electrons in the hydrogen atoms to form water. Then you would have to spin every forth time of your spin around the nucleus of one of the hydrogen atom, because as you are in the outer shell, and you know that it is your task to create the compound with the hydrogen...

This is the way to show the conscious abilities of particles... It takes some imagination and time to think, but it's worth it. You would start seeing a totally new way of perceiving existence... in a true way that would lead to totally new ways of research, which again will lead to a totally new direction of development for humanity.


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