How did consciousness occur? What is consciousness?

What is the significance of feelings?

Our thoughts and feelings are just as real as matter, but until now they have had little significance for scientific research. Scientists take their thoughts for granted, as tools for their life and work. On the contrary, I see thoughts as part of the human being.  Feelings seem to be ignored in most scientific environments. I have found that feelings are an extremely important part of the human being and connected to the entire body. The feelings are the language of the soul and the driving force in humans' lives.


The human being consists of both visible and invisible parts, i.e. body, thoughts and feelings. This is a fact, a self-evident truth that to a large degree is being ignored by science today. One takes one’s own thoughts and feelings for granted as tools for existence without really dwelling on the nature of consciousness and how our feelings influence the mind and the body.   

It is not possible to bring evidence by traditional empirical research for what I have found by my work about the connection between body and consciousness since 2003. On the other hand, it is fully possible to see the importance of my work by logic-philosophical reasoning. To understand what my work brings, it is necessary to put aside old perceptions, and to be open to totally new ways of research.

The result of many years’ exploring shows that negative feelings that stem from painful memories, form negative, limiting thoughts that prevent us from believing in ourselves and prevent us from seeing what is possible. This means that such feelings, to a large degree, prevent us from stretching further than our current understanding. To work actively to remove such feelings, not only gives insights in our own psyche. It gives knowledge of psychology in general and an expanded horizon related to everything in existence.  

I represent a way of thinking that moves beyond the present paradigm. Most humans limit their thinking because everybody have experienced situations that made them feel grief, feel that they were not good enough,  feel guilty conscience, feel shame, disappointment, fear, anger, bitterness, loneliness and other negative feelings. The very most people suppress their painful feelings. These suppressed feelings from earlier situations in life (and former lives) are repeated in the subconscious and become obstacles of the mind. They color the personality and becomes "buts", clouding the person's vision.
I have many times heard the phrase: "That is something we will never find answer to". Some people might think like that because they don't know how it is possible to move beyond the present perception of existence. I think, as long as humans let themselves be limited by their physical perception, of what they can see and hear and measure, science will be limited to just that. I think it has led to a world with a materialistic way of living.


The reason I am able to claim rather controversial points of view about existence, is a long lasting self-development work at a very deep level. During the years 2003-04, I developed a method that was based on the need of self-acceptance. I had discovered that it was an important psychological need in many people, including myself; to accept oneself the way we are.  When I started to work with acceptance of myself, I soon discovered that I had to accept my painful feelings as well as "negative" aspects that I struggled to cope with. They were obstacles in my way, preventing me to accept and love myself for being who I am. This was the starting point of a long exploring journey back to episodes in my entire life from I was born and even from earlier lives. The main focus became to accept even painful feelings that had been suppressed.
By saying loud to myself that I accepted my feeling of not being good enough, of feeling hurt and abandoned in situations in my childhood, and so on, I opened an avalanche of tears that I had hidden inside. Huge insights about myself followed. By working thoroughly through forgiveness of myself for having had other feelings than positive ones, I slowly grew into a totally new insight about my psyche. I not only worked to forgive myself, of course, I forgave others who had caused pain in me, and I asked people whom I felt I had been bad to, of forgiveness.  

The way of working were developed to a method that everybody may use. It is described in the book "The secrets of the psyche". It contains many of the insights I earned by using the method as well as a manual for how to apply the method. In the book I suggest to use the words "To realize what I feel" instead of accepting one's feelings. The book is also containing examples from other people's self-development work. For a period I guided and gave workshops to people who were interested in the method, so I have experiences from being a by-standing person. People can only really learn the method by finding a memory / trauma in themselves and by working through it deeply, so that they get the aha-experiences and the emotional release that happens as a consequence.

 After having worked with myself full time over 3 years, I achieved expanded consciousness in February 2007. In traditional religious scriptures it is called enlightenment. Since then, I have worked with existential issues. During these years I have got increased ability to communicate with intelligences in the highest dimensions of existence, not only by receiving channeled messages like I did to start with, but by having conversations with several masters, even those that you may see as aspects of "God".

 Do light particles have conscious qualities?

My theory is that consciousness has its roots in the particles' conscious abilities. It is actually possible to bring forth evidence for particles' conscious abilities, based on the atom theory.  During these years after having achieved expanded consciousness, I have moved beyond the physicists' way of thinking because I ask other kinds of questions, being open to new answers. This way of thinking is not more complicated! Rather the opposite. I experience that we need to be more childlike to find true answers!

When we study what electrons are able to do, according the atom theory, we find very interesting things. I have done so by using my skills in drama, which is my professional knowledge. When you imagine that you are an electron, you may experience which qualities you need. Gather a group of people and try! I have written two other essays about this. You can find them here and here

You can also find the reasoning about the particles' conscious qualities in this YouTube presentation:

Evidence for the presence of higher consciousness in Space?

To show the particles' conscious qualities this way is a new approach to existence.  My assertion is, that it represents a bridge between science and religion. I am certain that a higher intelligence very far back in time programmed the particles to spin as atoms. It must also have programmed all the molecules, the molecular compounds and reactions between them. My theory is that an Intelligence started, by creating the gases of the suns. (This is described in a playful way in the "Fable about the origin", see link below.)

The communication I have with the intelligences in the highest dimension confirms this and has led me to claim even another assertion that contradicts the physicists' finds about the origin.
What I have found, is based upon both what I have read in the Bible as well as what I have read about "The big bang", the way it is explained by physicists. I would probably not have come to my conclusions unless I had read about The big bang. "In the beginning God created light" the Bible says, but I stop my resemblance there. The bible refer directly to the experience of existence the way we see it as humans, but I see it in a Cosmic perspective.

Most of my work has grown forth through experiences and communication with the intelligences in the highest dimension. My theory involves that there was a compact light-mass in the beginning of existence.  Consciousness existed as One conscious point, as the light-mass' mind. It must have existed before the expansion.  That Conscious Point made the light-mass become light-particles as big as itself by its thought intention. You might see the huge light mass as the One point's "body". It was ONE organism and all the particles all-together was, in the very beginning of existence, the same kind of particles, light-particles. Which means everything in existence at the very basic, consists of light.

The big bang is described as an explosion by the physicists, and they have calculated that Cosmos still expands because of observations through telescopes. Measurements and mathematical calculations that have been based on observations, have concluded with the theory about a big explosion.  My assertion is that the suns and galaxies were programmed to be in existence long after the real expansion, which was an extension of a huge compact light-mass into particles, done by a thought intention. A creating thought. Creating thoughts are the tools of the intelligences' of the highest dimensions! Thought power is the strongest power there is, but scientists have not discovered it yet. We who live on Earth today, have to a very little degree, experienced what is created by thought power. However, religious scriptures describes many incidents where miracles happened. Is it likely to believe that science, the way it has developed, based on observations and measuring, might have removed humans from understanding what a miracle is?

Thus, some of the qualities of the One point of consciousness that was the centre of the compact light-mass that existed before the big expansion, became qualities in all the particles in existence!
In the essay "Fable about the origin" I suggest how consciousness occurred. - That a group of 5 particles, having the certainty of being someone, became a conscious being in the beginning of existence. Those particles that emanated close to the One Consciousness Point, had higher developed  qualities than particles in the periphery of the light mass (Cosmos), so they became masters and a part of "God" when the One decided to create other beings than itself.

There is one more important part of this picture. The particles' ability to communicate. It is because the particles actually once were one interconnected organism, that they still have the ability to communicate with each other. However, after they were programmed to be the protons, neutrons and electrons performing the gases of suns, they belong to the sun where they know how to perform sunlight. Suns are different from each other and particles have an absolute ability to remember, or matter would not exist. In solar systems where there are developed more than suns like planets, moons and even beings, the particles are being able to perform those atoms and energies existing in their solar system. This is information I have received from the intelligences of the highest dimension. However, the particle communication is found by physicists and described in quantum physics. I have found a large number of phenomena that underline the importance of particles' ability to communicate, among them, all the functions in the human body. This is a theme I will write about in an essays later.

To give a conclusion. My assertion is that scientists need a new way of thinking to find true answers to existence, a thinking that includes consciousness and feelings, a thinking that includes a non-physical angle.

The Fable about the origin is also presented on YouTube with additional comments:

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