A basic change of perception about "God"

Written August 3rd 2014  Revised October 3rd 2015  Revised June 16th 2019

I love to visualize things to get a better understanding both for myself and when teaching.
I hope this page can be at your help to understand the nature of "God" and our Creator - of existence and of life.
(In the fable about the origin, I call the very origin particle that everything emanted from; Origin Mother. The Creator of life on this planet is one of many masters that emanated from her. She is in a way "God", but the other masters have performed the role of being "God" also.)

Let's imagine everything in existence as one big circle.
Everything in the physical realm, the planet and the sun and the moon. Water. Everything in nature, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom
and the human beings are within this circle also.

This circle represent  EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE.

If everything in existence is inside of this circle, thoughts and feelings are parts of the same circle.

No one can deny that they have thoughts. I think everybody can agree on that thoughts are just as important as their body... because if we didn't have thoughts, we simply would not be human beings.

No one can deny that they have feelings. We love, we are happy, we are proud, we dislike, we feel frustrated, we are afraid, we feel guilt... I think everybody can agree on that we would not be humans, if we didn't have feelings.

I think you can agree on that thoughts or feelings belong inside of the circle.

Our intentions of doing something, like getting up in the morning or eating breakfast would not be done... if we didn't have a thought and an intention of doing it.

To enjoy to be with our family and friends or enjoy going to work or to school is only possible if you have feelings.. To love someone, to appreciate something is only possible because you have feelings.

All animals must have some kind of thought to plan and coordinate their movements and choices.  All plants must have some kind of driving force/energy to develop and grow. Can you agree on, that it is the animals and plants conscious energy?

We can state that our thoughts and feelings are both the tools for the body as well as being US. We ARE both body, thoughts and feelings!

So we, as human beings,  we definately belong inside the circle of everything in existence, don't we?

You can actually fill the space of the circle with all the billions of humans... and all the species on Earth.

Now is the big question:
How did LIFE get into being?

The religions say it was created by God.

- They say that the humans are created by God.

I ask:

Do you think God is inside or outside of "EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE"?

Until 15 years ago I perceived God as something big that was better than myself, outside of myself, able to be everywhere. A spirit present in all things, but still, I placed God outside of myself in my perception.  I think most people do so and I think there are reasons for this perception to find long back in time. However, to create peace on Earth, we need a true perception about our origin, based on the truth about particles' abilities.

I think, maybe the old basic perception, either you are an atheist or a spiritual person, is one of the reasons it's difficult for the readers of my work to understand my work.

The release work I have done changed my basic perception about existence.
During the time 2004-2007 I worked to work through and release the painful feelings of a great master,  who had descended and lived among the humans in the first period of human life, I discovered that I released typical human ways of feeling and thinking. - Ways that we don't really need. It was guilty conscious for rather small things that we should be able to let go of, it was fear of not being good enough, it was the feeling of not being worthy of love as soon as you do a mistake. It was shame about things that could happen to everybody... and many more. (Archetypical patterns.)  It turned out I had been guided through many years, to release the Master that created Life on this planet: Our Creator.

Today, the masters know that many of the archetypical patterns are much older than Our Creator's life among the first humans. They were formed already at the very morning of exiatence, when the  masters didn't understand that they had emanated from ONE particle's wisdom and intention! Origin Mother.

Gradually I understood that the great master I was releasing, was The Creator of Life on our planet. He chose to walk among the first human beings in his creation on Earth. He had come to teach them basic ways of behavior, how to relate to themselves, to each other and to nature. Teach them how to create shelter for their naked bodies.
Since then I have learned A LOT about how creation works. That is why I am so eager to tell about particles' consciousness and abilities and about the consciousness of cells.

He programmed us to be as if we were him at the cell level, when he created the first individual of the species. That is why humans have had his emotional patterns as our basic (archetypical) ways of relating to life. It means that the cells always, at the bottom of all life, have our Creator's way of being. The particles perform it continiously because they were programmed to do so.

Our Creator is a great, creative, spontaneous, playful and kind being as himself. He is able to be "one with all there is", which means that his conscousness is able to be connected to all human beings.

You need to realize that Our Creator too consists of particles, like we do. So he belongs inside of the circle. He can make himself very small to operate at cell level, and he can multiply to be everywhere.

What is necesary to underline, is that Our Creator is not God! He was One of the Masters that was given ability to create by God's core (Origin Mother) in the beginning of existence.

Our Creator is a being, a master who has a huge etheric body. He consists of particles and his particles relate to the light particles of our solar system, which from now on will be able to respond to his intentions. We are co-creators together with our Creator. We actually have the opportunity to develop som of the same abilities as him!

All the time, Origin mother (See "The fable about the origin) has been a part of his energy and He has been influenced by Her energy. He has not really understood how much She was deciding in his life up through the millenias, until now,

Our current perception about God comes from several sources:

1. At the time our Creator was physically present with the first humans, he started to manifest things for them, to ease life for them. He was a god-being and he taught them how to take care of themselves, they started to lean on him, expecting that he would fix things for them. To start with he was also teaching them how they could learn the same as he could: To direct matter by their thoughts.
For many thousands of years, masters came down from the etheric dimension and did similar things. They have descended on Earth to teach and had master abilities that made them able to manipulate matter and relate to humans being "god-beings", coming from outside. They became origin of religions. Some human beings did really develop master abilities also.

2. There are negative particles that have origin in suns far away and must return to their sun. They were brought here by the One I call Origin Mother in "The Fable about the Origin", God's core. They have always perceived themselves as another kind than us, ruling over us. They have actually been the energy of "God" or Origin Mother's attempt to keep control over her huge "kingdom" - Cosmos.
(What I tell about in the fable, had a huge impact on her. The fact that the first Masters she had put into action did not understand that she was their Origin, gave her emotional wounds that have had a huge impact on everything and everybody during the entire history of existence! She started to suppress her feelings and that has been the common way for most individuals throughout history. However, there is much more to the story, that I still have not told.)

The negative energy were single particles that infiltrated beings, both physical beings on Earth and beings in the etheric dimensions.
The negative particles' basic way of behavior, has been to make others do the work for them. Their nature is dishonest, lazy, postponing, selfish, greedy and superficial. They infiltrated some human beings and made other beings do the job for them. This developed a very unfair and unhealthy way that has created much of the unfairness and injustice we experience on Earth. This is the main reason that human beings blame their unfortune on persons or conditions outside of themselves. It's very often the negative particles in them that make them do so... Many human beings place responsibility outside of themselves, instead of facing themselves. A way to recognise if you have negative particles inside of you, is to look for their ways of  behaviour.
To get rid of them, rotate your body leftswards for a while, (As if you use a rock ring) and then imagine that they sling out of your body, up through the air and to an etheric portal that is always at the shadow side of the planet. (Always opposite of where the sun is, 45 degrees north in the northern hemisphere.)

3. The religious scriptures are often relating to "God" as a being outside of us. This was given in channellings to prophets and history writers who often had the same, limiting, linear perception and thus were without possibility to understand another truth.

It is a challenge for humans' mind to understand a completely new perception and it is a challenge for a master to reach through to humans' minds with totally new information because the mind perceive according it's own linear perception, belief system and cultural background. The tool that the mind is, interprets based on what it knows already.

The fact is. We are all ONE huge organism, consisting of particles. Because the particles once were ONE compact organism, they have fantastic abilities to communicate, even at huge distances. However, particles are organized in Solar systems and in the future our world will only consist of particles belonging to this sun where the Earth is.

Our Creator is working hard now is to reach the human minds with this totally new information:
All the particles in our solar system are able to be true to ONE particle's understanding, our Creator's mind's first particle. Knowing this gives great hope for the future. It has not happened before, as long as the human species has lived on Earth. Everything consistS of particles, even our minds and souls.

Inger Susaeg All rights reserved.