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A fable about the origin of existence

Once in the morning of time, everything in existence was one huge light mass. The light mass was compact and hovered in an ocean of nothingness. Outside of the light mass was darkness. Emptyness. Only the mass knew itself as light.

Then a point in the mass started to find out something. It was able to think! The point was excited! It tried out its thought and discovered that it had ability to influence the light mass around itself by its thought. Then it got the idea: “What if I make bits of the light mass that is just as big as me? The point sent out an intension to the huge light mass of dividing into bits having the same size as itself. The entire organism had been divided into small pieces, particles.

“I am conscious and it is my task to make these particles do different things”, the Leading particle thought. Maybe I can give some of them consciousness, like what I have?” Thus the Leading particle said to a group of particles: “You will be playful, joyful and creating!” Immediately, before the Leading particle understood what would happen, the group of 5 particles started to jump and dance of joy. Overwhelmed by the effect of its own words, the Leading particle thought: “You will be a unity, a being and your name will be Aa”. Then the 5 particles gathered and together they radiated a much stronger light than the other particles. Amazed of its own ability to create, the Leading particle thought: I too need several particles around me so that I can be a being. In the blink of an eye, 4 other particles had joined it and the Leading particle had become a being. It had become a Master, actually the Mother of all. She radiated the most magnificent light. She became Origin Mother.

Aa started to play with the particles around him. He placed one particle in the center and let another particle circle around the first. It worked! He made many, but the spinning balls danced on and suddenly they were gone in the ocean of light. He tried again and this time he put two particles in the centre and let two particles spin around them. WOW! Now he managed what he had intended, to make a ball of spinning particles and make it stand still, so that it could obey his will. “How fun!” he thought, and made a lot of of the same kind that he linked together. The very first nature element was on the roll..

In the meantime, Origin Mother had started to think in new ways. “Now I want to create a being in contrast to Aa. This being shall have as the task to create structures and order and it will be calm and reflecting. As intended, a being of 5 particles with enormous light power emerged from the light mass. “Your name will be Ss”, Origin Mother said. Immediately the 5 particles that constituted Ss were aware of that he would form regulatory structures. The wish of forming structures was the driving force when he started. S started out by letting one light particle spin in a circle. Then he let 6 other particles do the same, half way inside of the first, so that their centre was on the first circle’s spinning line. The result was that the 7 particles formed a beautiful flower of light. Ss was happy. Immediately he went on making many flowers of the same kind outside of the first 7 circles so that the particles formed a continuous light pattern of circles and flowers where all the particles circled rightwards. The ethereal energy, that is invisible for our physical eyes, was conceived.

The Origin Mother looked at what Ss had made and was very content. “I am amazed of how great the light particles are, to let themselves dance on our command”, she said. Then she created the third light being by 5 new light particles. “You shall have the task to find out what particles are able to do, The Origin Mother said. You name shall be Bhh and you shall be like me. Bhh started, like the others, to radiate as a light being, but in a new way, with thoughtfulness and curiosity. This being started to investigate and to find her task. She found out that the particles were very willing to cooperate. Then she found that the particles were good at communicating. Then she told two groups of particles to hold those certain qualities and then to spin rightwards in balls connected to each other. The soul energy had started to develop.

Suddenly Bhh was gone and Origin Mother was alone again. Now, Origin Mother stopped to reflect. I have created three beings who have started to create, but they have not understood what I have done for them. I was the one giving them the ability to create, the same ability that I have myself, which means, to create by having the intension about what I want to make happen, so that it happens! Now she called on Aaa, Ss and Bhh. “Please come to me, so that I can explain the truth about how you have got the gifts of creating”, she said. They came to her, they listened, but they didn’t understand what she told them. They had already become familiar with their abilities and ways of being and creating. They didn’t feel it was necessary to thank or honor Origin Mother. She felt sad that Aa, Ss and Bhh thought that she was less than them. Origin Mother felt hurt and angry by not being seen and appreciated. They went away and Origin Mother felt abandoned and lonely.

Now the Origin Mother found out that she had to show the other light beings that she was their origin and the leader of all and that she too was valuable as herself. With that decision she went out into the huge light mass to create her own mastery.

February, 2019

  Inger Susæg BECANTUS 2018  All rights reserved