A dream about a peace centre

Trondheim 2009

Picture on the top left: From the Peace Gallery in Trondheim, Norway, 2009 From the opening

The Peace gallery in my lokal area in Northern Norway in the summer 2014

From my exhibition "LIFE"

Peace workshop



My dream is to establish a Peace centre that can be a model for centres all over the world. The first centre can be anywhere in the world. If you are a person who like my ideas and have resourses to help me get started, please contact me!

It needs to contain

  • Gallery presenting the ideas of this website,
  • A screen room for video presentations,
  • Room for reflection,
  • Rooms for lectures and workshops,
  • A little shop and café.

The dream is that the gallery will be in a place where people from your country and neighboring countries come to visit, so that they can bring the ideas home. The plan is to produce books, teaching material , presentations, postcards, posters, DVDs, CDs and T-shirts so that it can be translated and be the base for centres all over the world.

I plan for the principles presented at this website to be activated in the screen room, so that people who take time for it can sit quietly to reflect by themselves. In the same room there will also be presentations like those YouTube videos that are here on the website, just longer and with more information.


My "Life energy" peace video in English:


The centres also will contain a training program for how to release hidden emotions. It is needed to explain how to reach our subconscious, to learn how to forgive and leave behind the painful memeories that make us angry, hateful, bitter and sad. I will teach how hidden feelings make us project our pain on others as negative thoughts and bad behavior.

I would like to teach this in an education program to a new kind of teachers, who first have to learn to do it for themselves and then, to teach others. I want it to be an education lasting for first for a year with gatherings lasting a week every second month.

Then I want to teach more so that groups everywhere can educate new teachers.

Do you want to start such a peace centre in your country?

Joy is really what keeps us healthy!

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