What happens when we die?


About 13 years ago, a boy in my neighborhood suddenly died. It was then I started to understand. The first days after he died, I got up his face in front of my inner sight again and again. Suddenly I realized that he was in front of me! He wanted to communicate something to me from the state he was in after having died. When I tuned in myself to understand what he wanted to say, I understood what he wanted to tell me that he existed in an invisible dimension and he wanted me to tell his parents that he was OK where he was.  

This happened at the time I worked to achieve expanded consciousness. Therefore, it was a new experience for me getting in contact with a dead person. I went up to his parents after the funeral and they were happy about what I told them.

This was the beginning of the contact with the dimension where the dead people reside. Since then, I have learned much about life after death, knowledge that I gladly pass on. This also implies that I have learned a lot about how we are put together as human beings at all levels of ourselves. Which means, what make us able to leave the physical body and live on in a dimension that is invisible for our physical eyes.

Today, I can think of dead people that I know and communicate with them telepatically. Sometimes I speak loud to them and I feel certain that the one I speak to can hear it. As answer, I usually get a thought that I recognize as theirs and a certainty about what they want to tell me. I also might get a glimse of their face in my inner eye and hear the voice of the person I am communicating with. I know it immediately when someone in the invisible dimension wants contact with me. It happens with a sudden impuls that makes me start thinking of the person. I think everybody who are open to it, are able to learn to communicate with the dead people when it is people you know. You have to know how it works and learn to discern other people's thoughts from your own. 

What happens with the consciousness when the physical body dies?

Just after the person dies, it is usual that he/she is invisibly present in the home or with someone they love. Those who die, often feel grief of leaving their closest, and many don't want to leave, but be close to where they were. Many people are tied to their things and house and feel that it is painful to leave the physical world. Those who have been ill and known that they were going to die, might have an easier situation because thay have had the opportunity to get used to the thought of the end of the physical life. For those who die suddenly, it is necessary to get used to the thought of being dead. The time together with the family until the funeral is a farewell with the physical world and a short period when they get used to no longer to be a physical human being.   

Thus, until the funeral, most souls are in their own environment, getting used to that they no longer have a physical body. Quite often they get a visit from the dead people's dimension from an etheric person who has taken reponsibilty to explain people who have died . They tell them things they don't know about dying and they might bring them to the etheric place where they will live in the future, so that they understand that something positive is expecting them. There, they may meet souls/humans they know and see beautiful environments. In most cases, they are brought back until the funeral is over, but sometimes they want to remain in their new dimension.

Sometimes souls that no longer have physical bodies are not aware of that they have died. They may be present with their closest family for several days until they realizes that they are dead. People who have not believed in a life after death, must admit that they exist as invisible beings among people around them, without being able to communicate much with them.

People who don't believe in life after death, also gets to the dead's dimension. It is not about belief in a religious sense, but whether you have had contact with and lived according your feelings. If you have lived in alignment with your feelings, you may get a rich life at "the other side" also.

As a rule, when the funeral is over, the dead ones are being guided by other dead people or angels to a place where they can develop on. The very first that happens, is that they have to answer several questions about their own life. This is a very strict portal that is necessary because there are far too many people on Earth. People who seriously and honestly want to work through their life experiences by realizing, forgiving, asking of forgiveness, to learn from their life, pass the portal. Those who don't want to work on themselves, are de-programmed from being the soul that they were, and then they are sent to be dissolved into pure light. Their life is over for ever.

Then, one of the first thing they learn, is that their thoughts are creating instruments for what they want to do. This implies that they need to be themselves and have faith in themselves.They must have faith that their own thoughts can manifest the etheric things that they want to have around them. During the first period, they practice focusing and visualiusing.

Something else that is important during the first period, is moving... or travelling if you like. It is actually so in the etheric world, that you move by the help of your thought. When we are etheric beings, we cannot walk around, like we do on Earth.  There is no obvious floor to walk on.  One has to think about and focus at the person one wants to see.
They don't move forward with their feet in the etheric world. However, after having learned a lot, they can move at a very high speed over vast distances. Actually, they move by the speed of thought. In the physical world, we can imagine that we are quite another place, and that may happen in the blink of an eye, right? When you close your eyes and think of places where you have been, you may go there with your thought. In the etheric world, we can move to the place we focus at. In many ways we may say that at "the other side" we may become "magicians", eventually, as we learn to visualize and focus at what we want to create. Still, it is usual that people who die, remain within the same geographical area where they lived.

What actually happens when we die?

When we die, we leave the physical body, which means, the soul and a part of the mind get disconnected from the physical body and we can hover out of the body with an invisible body. This may happen because there is another energy inside of our cells, a kind of body that is invisible for our physical eyes. Scientists have still not found this invisible body because most scientific research focus at the physical level, what can be registered by the physical senses. The invisible body looks almost exactly like the physical body, is called the etheric body. The etheric look of the person who dies may look much younger than what the physical was. It is because when we die, we will look like we feel.

You find a deepening about the etheric energy and what happens when we die on this YouTube presentation: https://youtu.be/ofs98CFg-2s

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