May a change of perception of God lead to a better world?

August 28th 2019

Why isn’t God able to fix things so that people on Earth don’t suffer so much? Is there really a good God, when we see and experience so many awful things? The questions about how the humans have perceived God have been many through thousands of years. Do you perceive God as a being outside of yourself? Or are we all part of a divine principle? Has time come to find a totally new understanding? Here are my thoughts about it.

This essay is based upon studies of atoms, the big bang theory and my experience of being connected to masters in higher dimensions. This explanation shows why God is not able to be only good, the way we would like it to be.

This essay is based upon ‘A Fable about the Origin of existence’. It describes what I have found about how existence occurred, put into a literary short-form.  The fable tells that everything started with one compact light mass. One point in that light mass that Cosmos was, over a long time developed consciousness. The one point’s consciousness decided to split the light in parts as big as itself… and thus the development of existence had started. As you see, what I mean is, what the physicists called ‘the big bang’ did not start with an explosion, but with a thought intension. The masters that I am connected to in the highest dimensions communicate that they have not understood that everything emanated from ONE conscious point’s consciousness until NOW, during the very last year.

The One point is what we may call God’s soul-essence, The center of God, that everything has emanated from. Thus it was consciousness that developed ability to give thought intensions, which made things happen. Of course, at the time that consciousness started the development of Cosmos, it could not see the consequences of what it did. The way I experience it, that consciousness even today have the ability to move around in Cosmos. At this time it is very concerned about the development on Earth, working to make a new direction based upon new knowledge about what the particles are able to do. In the fable, I call this consciousness ‘Origin Mother’. It is because I perceive her as feminine and because she prefers to express through feminine energies. Nevertheless, through history, she has expressed through the concept we know as ‘God’. Along history, the masters say, many of them have been programmed to be God.

The paradox we have to face when trying to understand God in a new way: We need to realize that God is ALL THERE IS IN EXISTENCE because everything has emanated from the consciousness of the One particle. It means that all particles existing in all suns, planets and other ‘sky objects’  are parts of  'the body' of the consciousness who started it all.  It was solely a light mass that became an ocean of light particles – Cosmos. Your consciousness and your feelings are parts of God’s ‘light-particle-body’ because all particles are parts of the gigantic organism that emanated from that One Point’s thought intension. The particles have conscious qualities, because that One Point is conscious. This is why you and I have ability to develop consciousness. But certain conditions are needed. The particles' ability to remember is a very important quality that supports what I communicate to you. We humans are developed of particles from our sun by the Master who created life on Earth by grouping particles in different ways through hundreds of thousands of years. Our mind, soul and body consist of light particles that have let themselves be programmed. Thus the particles that everyone of us consist of, know who we are!

What I tell in the fable is exceptionally important because it describes the reason that the world was seemingly separated from it’s origin. God’s soul-essence (Origin Mother) created Masters who created what we perceive as existence, as life, but those Masters did not understand that the One consciousness had created them by its thought intension! Therefore, they made choices that were going to lead to the experience of God being outside of us. In the same way, God’s soul-essence and its first master particles made choices that led to the same. God’s soul-essence felt, like we do when we experience that someone doesn’t want to listen or doesn’t respect us… she blamed them for her own anger, grief and pain. The pain that occurred in Origin Mother already then, turned out to become the one of the reasons of the suffering in the world.  

The masters that were created by Origin Mother, did not understand that they were parts of her “body”. That is why we haven’t understood it either, until now. I believe, that during the next decades a new understanding about creating principles will grow forth within all scientific disciplines. This is my assertion. I see it, because I have seen what has happened related to Origin Mother during the last year. She has started to release her emotional pain all the way back to the time when the first great masters were born.

There has not been only one God, but many masters who have functioned as God. The Masters have different qualities and they have formed different kingdoms and energies. The master who created the very first cell and who developed life on Earth, is not the same as God, but Origin Mother’s energy always was present in him when he was creating up through Earth’s history. He tells me that he didn’t know that she put her particles in him. He was a master, who developed from his own soul-essence through a long time, by creating as his main task.

The masters who have been in the ethereal dimensions around Earth have done their best for the humans. By programming they have worked to make the humans live in peace with each other. Many programmings were done along the way, to make us believe in the same things, to make us have the same understanding, to make us cooperate and work together. Partially, they have succeeded with that. It would have been considerably darker, if they had not been intervening through history.

No one in the higher dimensions have understood where 'the darkness' (selfishness, greed, revenge, evil, and so on) on Earth came from. The Creator has been present as the human’s energy because he created us. There has been a tendency to believe that The Creator was the source of the “darkness”, but that is not the case. He did develop many painful feelings because of things happening with him, but he was not the only one. The reason for the darkness has been the lack of willingness to feel and work through painful feelings. From the very start, when Origin Mother’s soul-essence experienced so many feelings and were not able to handle them, she started to program to forget what hurt. So, instead of working through feelings, we have suppressed and tried to forget during the entire history of existence.

Now the time has come so that everybody has been de-programmed from suppressing and forgetting bad feelings. To be able to create peace on Earth, we must realise that we have responsibility for our own feelings and no longer place blame on people or situations that caused them. We need to start feeling our emotions! The painful feelings are our own and only you can choose to forgive and ask of forgiveness, so that the painful feelings dissolve in you! It does not mean that we shall allow anyone to be bad to us. We must tell it when someone is acting badly towards others or us. Still, it is  the single individual that own their own feelings.

This is what Origin Mother, Our Creator and the other masters are doing now. They recognise their feelings and work to forgive and leave behind bad memories. Therefore, I am optimistic about the future. I am certain their willingness to see, understand, feel and forgive will spread to us humans.

Will the old religious perceptions dissolve during the next hundred years?

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