What made the old Egyptians able to cut out and lift the big blocks of stone that the pyramids consist of? About Moses and the use of ankh.

The knowledge of the "magical" tool called ANKH has never been known among the general public, only among those who achieved mastery in ancient times. Perhaps the Egyptologists have not had the opportunity to interpret hieroglyphs correctly because of this? One actually had to be initiated inside a pyramid to be able to use this master tool.

What enabled the ancient Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid of Giza was focused THOUGHT POWER, combined with the use of the ANKH. To be able to use an ankh, they had to train for many years to focus and visualize, as well as practice unconditional love.
I have borrowed the image of the ankh from Wikipedia. It's from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
It is just an expression of art and not a real ankh.

The picture shows the approximate shape of an ankh, but a real ankh was a crystal stick to which was attached a handle in the form of a golden stick and a ring of gold. The ring was much smaller than in the picture compared to the crystal wand.

To become such an initiated master, one had to, after training for at least 5 years, pass very demanding tests that ended with initiation inside a great pyramid. In the great pyramid, there is a sarcophagus in what is called the king's chamber. That is where the initiations took place. It's not a coffin, and the pyramid is not a burial chamber.

The initiation into high frequency energy, is what the pyramids were built for. The driving force behind building pyramids and other large structures in all ancient cultures was the desire to transcend matter!
The energy from above, from the cosmic Master who created matter at the beginning of existence, was amplified through the large structure in a very special way and one had to have a very high frequency in one's cells to be able to go through with the initiation.

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It was such a tool that Moses was able to use. Do you remember Moses from the Old Testament in the Bible? He who was placed in a basket on the Nile to be rased by Pharaoh's daughter? He had achieved such mastery by being Pharaoh's son, had trained and was an initiate from the Kephren Pyramid, I am told as I write.

He used his mastery tool, the ankh, when he parted the sea so that the Israelites could get out of Egypt, as described in the Bible.
While the Israelites lived in the desert for many years, Moses kept the ankh in the most holy part of the tabernacle, their temple tent. It was a very secret object that should never come into the hands of uninitiated people.

As I was writing about how the masters of Egypt used the ankh, I caught Moses' energy in my inner ear, telling something very interesting about how he divided the "water" when he was led to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. He says that the Israelites lived in Goshen, in the Nile Delta, so that they had to cross a wide section of the Nile. to wander towards the land of Canaan, the area from which they had come, two or three hundred years before.
He knew of an island in the Nile so he managed, with the help of the ankh and the magical power of the Cosmic Master Aa (He who created the atoms and molecules, see the Fable about the origin of existence.) to lead the water to the other side of the island! Then he got the group of people over there, where they had to stand close together. He then directed the water to flow on the part of the river that they had crossed.

Thanks to Moses for explaining how it happened so that I can convey it to the world! He says that the river and the island are in the same place, to this day.

I know there has been a lot of speculation as to where it could be. It says in some writings that it was the Red Sea, but that is unlikely. I saw a TV program once about someone who thought it was an area that had later grown to be land. The explanation that the master Moses gives me in my inner ear is both logical and credible!

In the picture below, you see Moses, probably taken from papyrus picture in Egypt, reproduced and photographed. I bought it on Shutterstock. The original is probably in a museum somewhere, but it is not stated.

What the Creator Consciousness says is interesting about the picture below, is that Moses is depicted as a Master. He is the figure on the right of the picture who has a young companion holding a long feather fan. Moses had fair skin and reddish hair. The young companion chose to be with him when he left with the Israelites, says Moses.

Moses only speaks Arabic and the language that was used in Egypt at that time, for approx. 3400 years ago. When he speaks to my inner ear, I recognize his energy by my intuition as his frequency/vibration and as a language of thought and pictures.

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