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What is consciousness?
How can we discover what is conscious? We can find it by studying which qualities that must be present to make things or situations manifest.
Discoveries about how to approach particles in a new way is leading Inger to astonishing conclusions. To get an eye on what is obvious - what humans - and scientists take for granted - is what shows the way. To the to this approach, Inger present a video with pictures, words and music where she explains how she achieved the insights that led to these conclusions.

Link to a previous exhibition in Norway

If you have about 6 m2 free wall, Inger brings along a playful approach as a little exhibition when she gives lectures. It shows how the “Questionson” family ask simple question about the things we take for granted. It is meant for a hall where students, lecturers and researchers pass or are present, so that people from different disciplines can get impulses from her work.


This is an example of Ingers presentations. A previous work made on her way to where she is now.


Are scientists afraid of approaching what life really is?

A playful metaphor showing the conscious abilities of particles.

Universal qualities