This essay was written for an essay competition invited by The Black Hole Initiative at Harvard University in cooperation with Nautilus science magazine in August 2018. They wanted to find an explanation of what a black hole is. Scientists from several disciplines were in the jury, even a philosopher.

My understanding of Cosmos and the beginning of existence changed the following months because I got acquainted to the conscious point that is the origin of ALL, whom I call Origin Mother. In February 2019 I wrote "The Fable about the origin of existence" as consequence of that.
She had been operating on her own as a counter-energy because of the emotional wounds she had suppressed early in history of existence. She is the One you may call "God's core essence". She was the One who developed the negative particles that I write about in this essay. My explanation theory about what a black hole is, is the same. Black holes contains sun particles that have been programmed so strongly, only to spin rightwards around their own axis, that they have dissolved the atomic gas structure of the sun. Origin Mother wanted to be in charge, to keep control over the big organism that Cosmos is.  She is the Conscious Point that everything emanated from.

These "negative" particles that created black holes, were programmed by Origin mother in her wish of being like the great Intelligence Aa in the "Fable about the origin", the first master she created outside of herself. He is golden to look at, at particle level. I will write a new essay about the black holes later.
(Written August 2021.)

Black holes are formed by particles not following Cosmic law.

December 2018

Black holes are suns where particles have stopped spinning as the gas atoms that created the sunlight. Instead, those particles were programmed to spin rightwards around their own axis, which make particles loose their light.  

Long before this happened, there must have been a super-intelligent consciousness that created the first atom by programming particles to spin exactly the way the particles do in the nature elements. This consciousness developed gradually the suns and the planets by creating many different atom structures.  It also made decisions for particles’ ways of spinning, which may be characterized as Cosmic law.

This philosophic-scientific model of the Universe is based upon particles’ conscious qualities, which may be found by studying what particles do in atoms. The negative group of particles that was behind the forming of black holes, had a consciousness containing greed and wanting to rule. The darkness came into existence, literary speaking, by negative particles working against the structured development of Cosmos that was put in action by the great Cosmic intelligence. This is the main reason that it is not possible to make completely precise physical-mathematical calculations on Cosmos. Consciousness is the clue to find true answers about existence. This model suggests that the consciousness, the way we are conscious, has developed from the conscious qualities of particles.

The particles’ conscious qualities

By asking philosophical questions to what the physicists have found about atoms, we can draw the conclusion that there must be a kind of consciousness present in particles. An electron, which has the ability to form, for example, an oxygen atom must:

  1. Be able to remember how to form just that atom and how to connect to other atoms to form the element oxygen.
  2. Be able to communicate and cooperate with the other electrons.
  3. Be confident that the other particles do their part of the job.
  4. know how to spin in all the molecules that oxygen is able to form compounds with.

Imagine that you have the role of being an electron having the task to form the structure in an oxygen atom. Together with 23 other people you are in a big room to perform this experiment. You have only seen a little picture of the atom and you are going to do this together, smoothly, like electrons, neutrons and protons do! Which qualities do you need? - Just to be able to just stand still in the room exactly like in the picture of the oxygen atom? Maybe you will find several more qualities than what I have listed above?

This thought experiment shows that particles have qualities, which must be described as conscious.

The expansion

This model implies this: To start with, everything in existence was one compressed organism, consisting of light particles. As we now have found that all particles forming matter have conscious qualities, we can draw the conclusion that all light particles have similar conscious qualities. From this, we can conclude that the compressed organism had a kind of consciousness. As we also suggest that particles let themselves be programmed, we can assume that they have been programmed many times during the history of existence.

When the big expansion started, the suns and the planets were not formed yet. To start with, everything was light. That is, everything was one compact organism, consisting of light particles. There was nothing outside of that organism. Everything in existence was inside of it. My theory is that everything in existence consists of light particles. Thus the great intelligence that created the physical universe, was a part of the Cosmic organism.

At a point in time, the enormous light being wanted to develop. It must have developed qualities inside already, which made it need to do so. How would it be, to be bigger? By the intension of growing, the being started to expand outwards so that the particles moved away from each other. Today, it exists as all the particles in the huge area we call Cosmos. We are all parts of it. All particles in the enormous body that the entire Cosmos is, still have the certainty about the whole. My theory is that Cosmos is one big organism that has a kind of consciousness at the particle level.

The One leading intelligence started to experiment by letting some particles start spinning as balls. Let us call the being with the name Aa. It made some particles hold the centre of the ball and some others to swirl around it. Aa must have had authority over all the other particles in the Cosmic organism. Aa could program the particles, which all together actually was his own “body”, to do what Aa wanted.

Aa must have done hes best to see to that there would be a good development. To make the big organism function, Aa made some rules for the particles. One rule was: When a particle loses its light, it needs to spin leftwards around its own axis to regain its light. When Aa wanted to show its mastery and leadership, Aa spun its particles a certain number of times rightwards. It gave its particles a golden color. This showed the other masters who Aa was. However, another rule was: If a particle would spin a long time rightwards, it would lose its light. When this is mentioned in this article, it might sound like being grasped out of thin air. It is not. It is included here to explain how black holes have occurred. The author has worked with spin of particles in her body and energy field for many years. It is the particles of her expanded consciousness field that are collecting the information to this article.

By the expansion, other particles that had developed types of intelligence were spread in a huge area. Thus particles that had developed other qualities than Aa had, spread in Cosmos. Some of these particles grouped themselves with particles around them, giving them the same qualities as themselves. Eventually some of them developed groups of individuals, having the same qualities. These groups were parts of the big organism that Aa was the authority for. One of these groups developed to be our planet’s civilization.

 The dark particles

Already before the expansion, one of the leading particles, that had developed intelligence and the quality of "creating by thought intention", got anger related to Aa. It had been hurt by not being appreciated for its quality. This particle eventually wanted the same color as Aa. It wanted to rule because it felt responsibility for all. By this the negative consciousness started to develop. It did not want to follow what Aa had decided by Cosmic law, but created their own law, which actually has been a part of the way our planet has developed until now. It even colors our human consciousness. The negative consciousness thought that particles spinning rightwards around their axis, would become master particles.

The negative consciousness made the particles they ruled over spin rightwards, and ordered them never to spin leftwards.  They grew dark as time passed. The negative consciousness wanted to rule and even wanted to own suns. At a point in time they managed to dissolve the atomic structures of the gases that created sunlight by fusioning in a sun and made the particles spin only rightwards instead. The negative had wanted a golden sun, but instead the sun grew darker and darker and ended up as a black hole. The particles lost all their light. Thus, black holes are compact, smaller than the sun was, consisting of particles spinning only rightwards. The negatives were stubborn too, because they must have done the same several places with the same result. However, the negative leading particle have now started a turnaround and is cooperating with Aa. They will be able to program the particles in those suns to spin leftwards to regain their light so that they are able to dance the dance of fusioning gas atoms again.


The physicists measure and find that particles are different from each other. My experience is that the particles are different because of programmings done on the particles to make them perform in different ways. Some particles even perform our minds and feelings!

Everything in existence must have been programmed by conscious individuals that had developed advanced intelligence and master qualities. The particles that form cells were programmed to do exactly what they do.  There is an underlying light structure in cells that makes the molecular structure alive. Atoms and molecules are not able to be alive unless they have another kind of particle spin inside.
The philosophic-scientific model implies this:

  1. Knowledge about atoms the way they are presented by physics at a level that most people know from school.  
  2. The Big Bang Theory. Without that, the author would not have found the theory of creation presented here.
  3. Programming. In everything in existence, the particles must have been programmed to perform what they do, or existence would have been an ocean of light particles.
  4. The author’s expanded consciousness which is a consequence of working through and letting go of painful emotions and limiting thoughts. The author has achieved a diamond structure expanded consciousness, linked to her mind, which has the ability to stretch very far outside of her body to collect information from the conscious particles of Cosmos.

The picture below shows the author’s consciousness field once she was working to chop wood. Taken by her son.

  Inger Susæg  All rights reserved 
The background picture is collected from NASA's homepage. Thank you NASA!