This famous image of the Creation that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is hardly how most people imagine the Creation of man... or is it?

However, if we don't believe this image implies truth, can we of that reason conclude that there is no God-consciousness that created man?
No, that's what we cannot do! - Because creation cannot have come into being by itself, as many biologists think. The biologists and the theory of development have convinced many people over the past 150 years, and they believe that Darwin's theory about the development of life on Earth, is what life on Earth is based upon. It's just that there is a total lack of logic in their reasoning.

Darwin compared the plants and animals and discovered that some resembled others. His theory was that the species must have evolved from other species and that it started with primitive species that became more and more advanced.

He described how the species must have evolved and called the process "natural selection". He gave many examples of this in the book "The Origin of Species". Darwin's own expression opens up the possibility that there is a conscious presence in the development of nature.

It was another biologist, Herbert Spence, who was inspired by Darwin's work, who used the expression "survival of the fittest", about how a new species had evolved by a well-developed specimen of a species, mutated into a different species over a long period of time.

It's just that the particles of which the plants and animals are composed could not have made these, in part great changes in nature, by themselves! - And if they had been able to, it would indicate that particles have very conscious qualities.

If you shake a bag of play blocks and drop them on the floor, the blocks cannot form any kind of construction by themselves!* A creative consciousness is needed! The creative consciousness is little known among people today. Perhaps because of modern science? Maybe because the religions don't give what feels like true answers?

I can assure you that the creative consciousness exists! I have the ability to communicate directly with the Creator consciousness because I have worked through all the limiting emotions that formed limited thinking and that prevented me from clear vision and from being able to reach beyond the existing perception. I have described this in several other essays. (It is also the main theme in the book "The Secret of the Psyche")

Therefore, I claim that the image of Michelangelo is wrong! That is because it shows a Creator outside of man! The Creator's consciousness was located inside all the moving species, which he transformed from one species to another with his thought. That's the point!

And this is where modern science comes in, in a positive way. Atomic physics says that the particles that matter consist of, are so tiny and the distance between the electrons and the nucleus of the atoms and molecules that we are made of is so far that the human body can be considered a "vibrating space".

The Creator Consciousness placed itself inside each and every one of the animals he transformed from one species to another! He did it twice for each species. He placed himself inside one gender at a time. The feminine creatures and the masculine creatures were transformed separately.

Yes, in fact he placed himself inside all the moving species that exist, which he developed from one species to another, but there are many species that have existed, that have extincted. As for the plants, they are created differently. In plants, he programmed the cells to form new species with different characteristics.


Source: Creator Consciousness. (with whom I have the ability to communicate)

*I did not come up with the example of the play blocks myself. It was in a discussion on the Internet that I got this example in an argument from a fellow debater. It is so illustrative and logical that it is very strange that the biologists don.t see this.

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