When the Creator descended on Earth
By Inger Susaeg

 This happened at the time the human species recently was developed. It has an enormous influence on what is happening on Earth today and for the huge shift in consciousness that we are in the middle of.

How did the Creator create the first man and woman? They were developed from two highly developed monkeys, species that he let extinct, a short time after the humans were developed. Darwin was right about some of his studies, but not about all. The principle “the survival of the fittest” was not right, the way his theory of evolution says. It was the Creator that chose two individuals. He placed his consciousness inside of them, one at the time. By his thought intention and visualising, he created two new individuals, and by that a new species. Through the entire history of creation he actually imagined the new species he wanted to create by being inside of an animal he transformed to a new animal.

At the time he had developed the monkeys, he also had got acquainted with the Master Michael. One of his most significant qualities is refined sense of beauty. He was the master who grounded the Angel Kingdom and developed the angels as beautiful etheric beings. This inspired the Creator to develop the monkeys to be just as beautiful! He wasn’t able to transform a monkey to a human being, from mainly walking on 4 feet, to be an upright creature, in one operation. He did it through two “missing links”, creatures that gradually got less fur, started to walk on two feet and got more and more face features that we know as human today.

This happened on a continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaii islands are remains of that continent. The Creator says that the humans in Polynesia are descendants after the very first humans. He says that he transformed them only once, but he changed their genes, so that they would develop multitude.

The humans were naked. They had no fur the way the monkeys had, but thin and vulnerable skin. Even if the temperature was rather high, it was raining a lot and it was not easy for them to find solution for how to live. They still had not developed tools for what they needed in their daily life. Even if they were besouled individually, the first humans didn’t quite understand how to live, the way the Creator gave them impulses about. After about 100 years, they had developed a group, still living almost like animals. Then, the Creator decided to descend on Earth to be with the first humans in physical form to show them the way.

He wanted to descend into a physical body, to walk among the humans, but he could not incarnate in a baby and he could not take over one of those humans that he wanted to teach. So what he did, was to descend in one of the last monkey-like humans that had existed before that last transformation.  In the beginning the humans were a bit afraid of him. But then, he started to show them the way. He showed them how to create shelter for rain and wind and how to protect themselves from wild animals. He started to show them how they could organize their lives. He wanted them to develop into highly evolved beings, the way he knew beings from the etheric kingdoms were able to live. At that time the humans had no language, but they communicated by telepathy between their souls. They had no blockages between soul and mind, the way humans have today.

He probably started this task very eagerly, but he also was by himself a lot. For the first time he was able to experience what it was like to be in a physical body and be among the trees, flowers, birds and animals. (Until then, he had not had a body. He had been only consciousness, i.e. soul and mind). He could see his own creation with his own physical eyes, as himself. He was on Earth for many years. - But what he didn’t know, was what he looked like from the etheric dimension. The master that I now call Origin Mother, that everything in existence has emanated from, nobody knew existed at that point in time. She had created a creature who functioned as "God". By being that god-creature, she was able to rule over what happened. (During the winter and spring 2021 the masters have discovered very much more about what happened at that time, that made "God" make the awful decisions about The Creator. A master being from another galaxy, who had become infiltrated by negative particles, had been programmed to be opposite to be able to deal with. This opposite master had infiltrated "God" without Origin Mother knowledge about it, so that "God" became what we may call bewildered in his/her perception.  

When the Creator descended, there were many things he had not foreseen, especially related to the humans. Sometimes he was not able to make them understand, even the simplest things, so then he got angry and upset about them. Then he felt guilty because his creation didn’t work the way he had thought it would. Remember, he was a creature, who had already existed for millions of years and he carried already quite some emotional baggage.

What he didn’t know, was that the energy of Origin Mother always was behind him. She saw him as herself, he was a part of her energy. Therefore, he also carried her archetypical feelings; anger, grief, the feeling of not being respected, the feeling of being rejected, hurt and offended, which had occurred in her when the first masters she had created didn’t understand that she was their origin, that she had created them and had given them their basic qualities. The entire existence has, until our time continued without anybody’s knowledge about who she is and what she created at all times. Now this knowledge has started to grow forth in the higher dimensions.

What happened was that the Creator’s energy field started to look rather dark after a while. What was new about the creature “human being”, was what I tell about in my book, humans have an invisible energy system that works through and around the body. When the different painful feelings occurred in him, they became visible in his energy system, seen from the etheric dimension. As dark spots and red colour when he got angry. After a while, he looked rather dark from above. "God", thought he had become bad. (This is actually the same in human’s energy fields after a while on Earth, unless we release our emotional pain, but "God" didn’t know this. Our negative feelings create less light in our soul and energy field as we walk through life.)

After the Creator had been on Earth for 37 years, "God" (that was infiltrated by opposite energy) decided to exchange him with another being, made by the same gene material, that looked the same, but that had a penis. The Creator had wanted to be androgynous, i.e. without gender, because he wanted to be there for both men and women.
Origin Mother had discovered that all creatures got a lot of light in them when they were sexually aroused and got orgasm, so she had become convinced at that time that the sexual energy dissolved darkness. It has turned out, as you know, it does not. It is a seducing energy that is becoming very bad when being enhanced. That is what leads to abuse.

However, it was the reason that the creature, that was sent down on Earth instead of the Creator, had a penis. He was programmed to take over the Creator’s energy and to be loved unconditionally by everybody, and to be better than our Creator. Simultaneously, "God" took away the Creator’s authority over his own creation, which made him completely distressed.

This happening has had an enormous influence on the human beings in the entire history of humanity. This being who was put in charge without having any knowledge about Creation, had no idea about what to do. He had to learn everything from the Creator. More about this in "When the creator descended on Earth Part II".

Now, the Creator is back as himself and he is cooperating with all the masters, included origin Mother, to find new solutions for humanity. I was strongly required to help him release his emotional pain from that life on the Pacific continent during the years 2003-2007. I did it as if I was him. I was able to do that because in my entire life I had been connected to one of his soul components, his citizenship. It means that my cells were able to remember details about this story. In my life, I was triggered by the emotional wounds that he has had in him since that time. So his emotional pain became my physical pain and that was a part of what showed me the way to what i know about existence today.

He has released all his own painful feelings in the years that followed until now.

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