When the Creator descended on Earth II
By Inger Susaeg

This story is based upon Inger's ability to communicate with the higher dimensions.

When the new creature, that was a substitute for The Creator, was placed down on Earth, it didn’t mean that the Creator died. Not at all. He lived on for more than a hundred years, trying to teach the new being about creation. However, his life changed very much and he got many more emotional wounds during those years.

I don’t know the name that the new creature had at that time. I know him as Sananda, a name he had in a much later life, because he has actually incarnated a few times. A name, maybe not known among most people, but rather known among spiritual seekers. Once, long before this happened, he had played with the particles in a solar system in another galaxy. He discovered a spinning pattern that was going to be the sexual energy. One day Origin Mother discovered him and brought him to Sirius, which was (and is) a big etheric civilization that is situated by the sun in our galaxy that we know as the star of Sirius. He had been on Sirius for a long time before this story happened,  The Creator had learned the sexual principle from Sananda when being on Sirius. (It takes only a few minutes to travel with a lightship from Sirius to Earth. They travel by thought power.)

When he started to develop the different animals, he used the sexual spinning pattern for the propagation process. He programmed the animals to be sexual only when they needed to propagate and that was what he had decided for the humans also. When Sananda came and he had got the authority, there was a huge change because he was a sexual being and because “God” thought it was a releasing energy.

The creature that descended on Earth was not only constructed by Sananda’s energy, but by a male Pleiadean officer who was programmed to be his energy. (The Pleiadeans have their origin in the Pleiades, but they have existed in a huge mothership and many smaller lightships for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, they are going back to their origin sun and they have established a new ethereal civilization on a planet by the sun called Alpha Centauri B and for some of the oldest of them, on Erra, a planet by the sun Alkyone, one of the Pleiadean suns.) The Pleiadeans are known as the love people because their basic quality is self love and love for each other. The Pleiadean officer had only a few particles in Sananda’s body. The rest of him was his ‘higher self’, meaning, he hovered above and around Sananda as if he was his energy field. By that he had the ability to love. When the Pleiadeans started to incarnate, they did the same. Only one third has been present in the body and two thirds have been their "higher self".

What have had big influence on humanity, was the programmings that was done on Sananda with the purpose to make him succeed. He was programmed to take over the role of our Creator and to be better than him. (This has led to the feeling of not being good enough in the humans because he always felt that the Creator were better than him. We need to release it individually.) We need to remember that "God" wanted everything to develop well, she wanted to keep together the huge “body” that Cosmos is that she felt responsible for. All her programmings were done with the purpose that she wanted to keep control over her creation. She had seen The Creator as a tool for herself so he had some of her particles in him. Now she also put some of her own particles in Sananda when he walked on Earth in the same form as The Creator. Sananda was going to be her new tool on Earth.

Remember, Origin Mother did not understand that her own particles had emotional wounds, the archetypical feelings like disappointment, anger, grief, inferiority, loneliness, the feeling of not being respected and more. The same kind of feelings that contributed to make The Creator look dark, then took place in Sananda.

While I am writing this, the Creator is giving me a new information that I haven’t thought about previously. Sananda did not have an energy system (chakra system) through and around the body, like our Creator had created around himself. The very subtle system that The Creator had created around the human beings to make us an evolved species, only he knew about. Sananda did not have such a field... He only had the Pleiadean officer’s consciousness to help him remember and to form his perception, to learn and to develop as an individual on Earth

Sananda was programmed to be loved unconditionally by everybody, both the humans around him, by Angels and by Sirian and Pleiadean beings in the ethereal dimensions. This made even The Creator start loving this creature who looked like himself, but who had male genitalia. He did his very best to make Sananda learn and understand life in physical form. He tried to teach him his own qualities and skills!

The human being is created in the image of The Creator, like it is said in the Bible... Which means that the programmings that The Creator made when he was present with his consciousness inside the first two human beings, still is working in the cells and energy system of people on Earth. When Sananda took over for The Creato, the humans became Sananda’s energy also. He was an energy who did not have true knowledge about Creation; he didn’t have the knowledge that The Creator had developed through millions of years either. This situation has made the masters try to help humanity; at all times, they have tried to find the knowledge that partially was gone when The Creator lost his authority.
The many wounds that occurred in The Creator during that life in the Physical realm, partially clouded his vision until he released himself after my release work of him during the years 2003-2007

When the humans became Sananda’s energy, we got sexuality in another form than what The Creator had planned. As Sananda was programmed to be loved unconditionally, sexuality became related to love by the humans. ... When humans uip through history felt attracted to a person of the opposite gender, the sexual energy may have made it very strong... Humans often mistook sexual attraction with love because of this: When we were of Sananda’s energy we felt that we loved the person unconditionally... which led to the experience of falling in love. This way of becoming a couple is unfortunate because we are “seduced “ by an energy that we think is love. When the sexual attraction is over, there may be only emptiness between two people who thought they loved each other. - This is why it is important to spend time to really get to know each other, to love each other for who we truly are.

Sananda came from another  galaxy where there were only a few individuals. He had not developed two different genders, like we had in our galaxy. Therefore, he actually was a one-gendered being when he came to Earth. This is why some people up through history has felt attracted to a person of the same gender. Now, when his energy is going to be weaker and weaker in humanity and The Creator’s true energy/consciousness will win over the prevailing perceptions, humanity will grow into a two-gendered understanding, the way we are meant to be.

A comment to the development within sexual orientation that we have seen during the recent years. There are many people on Earth who have incarnated from the New Pleiadean civilization. Already at the time Sananda was placed on Earth, supported by a Pleiadean officer, the Pleiadeans were programmed to incarnate here. Today, many New-Pleiadeans (from Alpha Centauri B) are in incarnation. They have incarnated in human bodies, but they come from outside. Many of them are "light workers" or spiritually seeking people. Of their origin they are androgynous, one-gendered. They have been programmed to take over Earth and that has put strong constraints on the human populations for a while.

The Masters are still working very intensely to reach out to all people who have incarnated from other civilizations, who think there is going to be a passage from 3rd to 5th dimension. They work to make them understand that those old plans are stopped. It is not possible for physical human beings to pass over to 5th dimension as such. Our bodies are physical, but inside of every cell there is an ethereal cell forming an ethereal body, with which we leave the physical realm when we die.  Many living humans’ ethereal cell level are at 5th dimension and higher because they are wise and kind. In the “New Heaven” - dimension around Earth there is a learning program for the dead people about how we release emotional pain and how to work to get into higher frequencies.

The Creator has released his pain from that first life and many other lives when he incarnated with parts of himself up through history. He has gained a lot of human experience and wisdom by that so that he knows very well what it means to be a human being.
To create one common understanding for all, the consciousness around Earth will contain only particles from this sun in the future. They carry all The Creator’s programmings from the entire history of Life on our planet in their “memory bank”. Therefore, all beings that have origin in other suns, will leave and go home to the suns where they belong.

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