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A new view at The Great Pyramid in Giza

I have wanted to work for world peace since I was a little girl. Geography was one of my favorite subjects at school. As a girl I travelled on the map by my fantacy... 21 year old I travelled out in the world on a Norwegian trading ship.
On my first sea voyage, I came to Alexandria in Egypt and then the distance to Giza and the great pyramid wasn't far. It was adventurous to see how big it was. However, on my way into the pyramid, something strange happened. Every step I took, I got more and more ill. Fever and ache in the entire body. 
I remember what made the strongest impression: "The stone blocks are so tight put together that it isn't possible to put a razer blade between them!" I thought.

1973 Notice how little the sfinxs is conpared to the pyramid!

That day in 1973, I became convinced that the Great Pyramid in Giza was not build by mechanical power, but by power that must have been forgotten. - Convinced that there are energy forms that humanity don't know today. Many years later, when I had started release work, I got aware of the reason I became so ill when moving inwards the pyramid. My cells carried memories about having been a person who participated in the building of it!

It turned out that the soul of the master who was responsible for the building of The Great Pyramid was present in me and asked me for help to release* the pain that led to that he didn't finish it! He was the master who was behind the mask of the "god" that in Egyptian mythology is called Thoth.

He has really lived on Earth as a great master who could manifest. He was betrayed by someone he knew well and experienced a tragic death. I relived many of his painful memories and helped him forgive and set himself free so that he could leave behind the pain about what happened.

Today I can speak to Thoth telepatically any time. When I think of him and say his name loud, he can hear it in the ethereal, invisible dimension where he lives. That is the way they communicate in the ethereal dimensions; by focusing the thought and by imaginig the face of the person you want connect to.

This is Thoth the way he is pictured in the temple of Abydos in Upper Egypt. He is a man with a nice, human face, but he is always pictured with the mask he wore during seremonies. He has told me that he was a master that came from Atlantis, (the continent that sunk in the ocean) and grounded the old Egyptian culture. The Great Pyramid is much older than the dating done by egypologists. Thoth was both high priest and the person who knew how to focus and multiply though power. He taught others to use the knowledge so that they cut huge stone blocks directly out of the mountain by the help of focused thought and their ankh. That is why the stones are so straight cut inside the pyramid.

The tool that Thoth holds in his hand is an ankh. At the picture, which is made several thousands years after his life on Earth, he holds it in the wrong end! It should have been held in the ring. It was a tool which contained a crystal stick that was loaded by sun energy, which means that a huge amount of light particles from the sun was gathered in the stick. It contained an enormously strong energy and could be used only by those who achieved the great initiation. Then they had the ability to manipulate matter, which means that they could direct matter by focused though. Many of the sculptures (that we can see today) in the old Egypian culture was created by thought power and ankh. With the ankh, they could also heale people who was badly injured and even dying.


The way the archeologists and historians interpret hieroglyphs and pictures that are from the old Egyptian culture are wrong at many points because thay have not understood that the Pharaos were able to manifest by thought. The way they thought in the old master culture was very different from how people think today. Therefore, the Egyptologists have not had fantacy enough to understand how the pictures and hieroglyphs should be interpreted. For ex. the picture to the right shows the ankh as a hieroglyph, but when they don't know what an ankh is, the interpretation of the text gets wrong.

Thoth tells that the old Egyptian culture lasted over a much longer period than what is known today. There are several periods within the culture that must be interpreted differently because the Egyptians along the way lost parts of the knowledge that the masters had in the beginning. Still, the crystal stick as a tool for the initiateds, was the same until two thousand years back.

I visited the pyramid in 2003 also

The pyramid was not a tomb at all! It was a initiation chamber for those who reached enlightenment and initiation into mastery.

 Written June 18th 2014
Inger Susaeg, Norway. 



* It is important that my readers understand what I mean by releasing emotions. I recognize exactly how I feel in regards to a painful memory / situation that bothers me, I forgive myself for having other feelings than good feelings, I forgive myself if I did something I regret, I ask others for forgiveness, I forgive those who caused the incident. Then, I actively let go of the bad feelings and tell myself that I love myself anyway. Then I know that my soul is spinning the particles leftwards. Then my soul is releasing from the pain, so the pain is gone and I don't have to carry it anymore. I believe and experience that it is possible to leave behind most of the emotional pain this way.
NB! When I released others, I felt their feelings as if they were my own.