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Setting each other free

Many people engage so much in other people that they subconsciously place parts of their own soul in them.

An example: A man who wanted guidance presented a double situation. He explained to me that he was very worried about his son. He also was in depair about his own reactions being so strong that he didn't know how to handle his daily life. In the introducing conversation with him said he always was worried about not being there for his own father who was very much alone.
The son of my client had come home the same day, telling that almost everybody in his school class was invited to a birthday party to one of the girls, but he had not been invited. My client was deeply sad and desperat on his son's behalf.

I asked my client: Are you afraid of being alone? After having reflected on my question, he said no, he wasn't afraid of being alone. I then explained to him that his father's fear of being alone was present in him. His father's will of wanting to be visited by his son every day had made a part of his soul be present in my client. My client realised quickly what I meant and agreed. It was his father' soul's fear about being excluded, being present in him, that made him react so strongly when the teenager came home, being sad about not having been invited to a birthday party. That very day, he gave that part of his father's soul back to him.

There are many types of emotions that create energetic cords between us that is not to our benefit. That means in reality that we keep the other person stuck in our perception of them. Many may find such bonds as positive because it feels safe to have them. But when we are attached to another human being by emotions we don't see, it serves neither them nor us.
It might be the bonds between parent and child (both ways), between siblings and between spouses / partners. There may be specific events that make us feel something in relation to the other person that causes energy bonds between us. It may also be the way others have treated us or brought us up that makes us feel and think as we do.

Guilt, shame, bitterness, hatred, anger, a need to blame, anxiety, fear, responsibility, expectations, longing for, commitment. It may also be to love another too much ... because you do not love yourself.
All of these feelings create bonds when we feel them for other people.
Such bonds between people does not serve any of us.. Our thoughts about others hold them stuck.

The person you want to set yourself free from does not need to know that you remove the attachments. However, it is the best to explain how it works for the relatives/people you want to set yourself free from. If the person is open to understand, both of you can work to set each other free from expectations, guilt, responsibility and so on. We need to be ourselves and take responsibility for our own lives and let others take responsibility for their lives. 

However, when you close your eyes and visualize the person in front of you, you can freely speak to their soul. At the soul level one can communicate across far distances. It is important that you are honest with yourself and that you really want to let go. Maybe you have experienced something that you need to forgive, maybe you need to ask of forgiveness. You may need to forgive yourself for something? Think carefully about what it is that makes you behave and think the way you do. Use the Keys of Liberation when there are feelings that keep you or others stuck, so that you can free yourself from limiting thoughts about them.

The book is deepening these issues

To return the energy that we carry -  and to bring back the energy that others carry
We carry all the thoughts and feelings with us in the energy system. When we accept that thoughts and feelings are experienced almost as a physical "matter" that can reduce the life energy, it is perhaps not so difficult to imagine that we may carry other people's feelings and thoughts? If you walk down the street with a person who carry heavy bags, it is natural to offer to help, right? Our soul's natural state is love and care. When we, at an subconscious level see somebody suffer, we want to help! So at the soul level, we may take feelings and thoughts from each others and carry them for years. This may have its basis in guilt, in sense of responsibility, compassion etc. It happens most often between parents and children (both ways) and will continue even when we are adults. We actively need to realize and give/take it back. When we begin to work on ourselves and we use the pendulum, it is appropriate to ask whether we carry feelings for another, or if there are others that carry feelings for us. Feel inside or ask the pendulum for help to find out what make you carry energy and what makes the other do it. You will sense it rather quickly.

This is how you make exchange:  Tell the visualized person, that you have become aware that you carry the his/her feelings and that it does neither them nor serve you. The best is when you know exactly what it is. Then take your hands upward along the energy field and collect them in front of the heart and give the energy contents to the person as you say: Here are your feelings that I have carried for you. If you have clarified that he or she carry your feelings, ask the other person to delivers it back to you. Say thank you if it feels right for you. Use both your heart and mind for this process.

Inger Susaeg, Norway