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Irrational patterns

It is important to understand the soul's nature to understand our psyche. Our feelings are the language of the soul. It is the part of the psyche that constitutes the driving force in life. The soul's nature is absolute. Its true nature is love and joy. It has no ability to think logically. It cannot draw logic conclusions on its own. We need to use our mental capacity, our thoughts, in co-operation with the soul to heal the wounds. Many of us experience again and again to react irrationally to  several situations. Many people who have anxiety, for example, do not know where the paralyzing fear comes from. It needs not be as painful as that.  Let’s say, when you meet persons who is interested in being your partner and you are eager to meet them again, they are uninterested after a couple of dates.
The irrational wounds come from situations where the soul has made conclusions without thinking logically. The soul makes a rule. Often, in these situations the soul is not willing to listen to the mind's logic until after a while. Immediately after something terrible happens, we are not able to work through emotions. We need distance to the event.

* Gordian knots

A situation where we have a positive intention which leads to a negative outcome forms a thought pattern I call a Gordian knot. For example, we do our best with something and look forward to succeed, and then we fail. What happens is that the soul creates a rule, a law of the feelings that arise as a result of the incident. For ex: "When I give by all my heart, people are dissatisfied with me." Or: "When I am satisfied with myself, there are always someone who turn against me." Or: "When I am proud that I am clever," the others say I'm stupid ".
What happens psychologically, is that the soul is repeating these "laws" as if that's the way it is. Then it becomes so! Thoughts are creative energy. The soul has its own form of thought which repeats the pain subconsciously. This causes the soul to repeat creating new situations, similar to the one that started it all.

An example: Little Lisa 5 years old, is eager and happy sitting in the sandbox with her boyfriend of the same age. The two have made roads and houses and used blades, grass and flowers to create the garden and wooden sticks to the walls. They are engaged and play continued for hours without noticing time. Then a big boy comes along. He has been scolded and is very upset so is he mad at the world. When he sees the two happy children in the sandbox he just as well run through their creation with his bike. Lisa's world collapses, literally. Not only is their creation destroyed, but Lisa's soul is broken. When mom comes to fetch her home, Lisa is dissolved in tears and rages in despair. The mother does as well as she can and says that they will create a new city in the sandbox the next day. Lisa calms down.

Then she becomes very quiet and withdraw into herself, because her soul has concluded: When I am eager and happy to create with the one I love, a disaster is happening. She cannot put it into words - she might lock it inside of herself as a deep grief about life itself.

As you can see, this is an "everyday life event" in an adult's eyes. Yet it shapes Lisa's life, both in childhood and when she becomes an adult. Because: Lisa's inner, unconscious mind will repeat the pain and many more similar emotions that she felt when the disaster happened. When Lisa later in life is happy and eager creative with the one she loves, things happens out of the blue that destroy the idyll. It can happen in her youth, it can happen repeatedly in her adult life ... And Lisa doesn’t understand why things in life goes wrong every time she feels really good.
All humans need to learn to understand how these patterns arise. We all have such patterns in greater or lesser extent. When we travel back to painful situations, we need to look if they might contain Gordian knots. When we work to release, both the positive, good intentions / feelings and the negative outcome needs to be included in the acceptance sentences. One phrase is not enough, because usually there are a number of emotions related to the "catastrophe". When you work with these knots, you must accept all the feelings carefully, exactly as it was and then use the technique where we go into the picture to comfort and love. Forgiveness of those who did such things against us is important even though we may not even know the person who caused the pain.
You find another example at the page "The inner child"

The secrets of the psyche

*  Contradiction knots

Contradiction knots occur when our soul’s nature meets a different value system. This happens often in 2-4 years of age, when we adapt our parents’ demands and their perceptions of parenting. As young children love and joy is the guideline of life. Many of the things that parents see as obvious are almost impossible to understand. When we are small children and they are our parents, they represent love, security and anchoring. When they present the value systems that contradict our perception, a contradiction knot occur in our emotions. - If those who represent the love of your life don’t give you love, but perhaps are strict and say: "Now, you have to eat your food!"… and they do not let you play when you are not in the least hungry… The soul / child asks "why do I need to do that?" This ends (usually after the rage, grief and despair) in yielding for our parents because they are big and represent safety. At the same time as our soul is hurt and feels that "I'm not good enough the way I am" or "I feel sad because I cannot make my own decisions". What characterizes a contradiction knot is that we have emotions related to two value systems, our own and the system of those who gave us another: "I feel it is my fault that mom is angry because I don’t want to eat."
Contradiction knots also occur in situations as teenagers or adults when we feel that other people force on us their value systems, for ex related to religion or politics.

*  Emotional pain from former lifetimes

Some irrational feelings and reactions are very difficult to find out unless we are willing to understand that we have lived before. Previous lives can have a profound impact on our lives. For example, if you have been a Catholic priest or monk and promised to live in seclusion and not managed to keep the promise because you fell in love, the memory will likely be triggered by something that happens when you are young. Feelings and ways of thinking from that life will contribute to affect you in this life.
If you in a past life experienced to die from your children, it will characterize the relationship to how you treat your children in this life. Are you irrationally afraid to
let then down them, so you may bind them to strongly to you in this life.
Irrational fears, anxiety,
is almost always have its roots from events in past lives. When we understand what is was about in the origin and see what trigger it at now-time we can dissolve it very quickly.

*   Contracts or agreements with ourselves

Such agreements are more common than we think. We make them when we repeat to ourselves, "I will never ..." "I shall never set my foot there more ...". "It's inexcusable." "He shall be punished ..." "I am always unlucky."

When we repeat such things, we may create just what we say. Our thoughts are creative and repeated statements creates reality. Think about it, then you know that this is so and you'll be more careful with what you say. Such statements that we tend to say are actually wizards in our inner self. More examples: "No, I'm so stupid, I can not do such things." "No, I never manage such things...".
Do you recognize this? If you find such statements in yourself, you are on the way to bring up something that is in the unconscious. I recommend using the pendulum and ask whether such negative statements, the root of a memory. Because such statements daily shows us the way to what we carry with us.
An example from a client who was afflicted with asthma. Let's call him Simon. I have found that problems with the lungs can represent it to feel sorry for themselves. It was in this case, a guideline for what I should help him to find out. He wanted to quit smoking. At the same time he said in a side remark that being able to blame it on asthma when he was not able to walk as far as the others, suited him well. Maybe it suits me to be in a convenience zone, he said honestly about himself. It put us on track. When he went back to the memory, he found himself in the cradle as a baby. Both parents smoked and at that time, no one thought of paying attention to the baby. The baby lay in the cradle and felt sorry for himself! . And now he connects with tobacco smoke to feel sorry for himself.
This in itself, this is a phenomenon that I call a link. Therefore, we discovered that one of the reasons he was unable to stop smoking, because it was pleasant that the others would feel sorry for him so he could be in the "convenience zone".
The small child was lying in the cradle and was bothered by his parents smoke and felt grief and despair that his parents did not pay attention to him. Although this was before he could speak, he repeated to himself: "I feel sorry for myself because I smoke involuntary." It led to him as a baby to make a contract with himself that says just that! He dissolved the contract in this way:
I realize that I, when I was a baby, made the following deal with myself: "I feel sorry for myself because I'm involuntary smoking. I now cancel this contract. The contract is now voided, this is certain". You would think that it is enough to realize this, but my experience is that it is necessary to make it as thorough as this.
This was a contract made on a subconscious level. We also contract with ourselves, where we promise ourselves ... because we judge ourselves or have feelings of guilt, so when you return to situations where it is the case, feel for, or ask the pendulum if there are any contracts you need to cancel and do it the same way as it is done here.

Inger Susaeg, Norway Thank you