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There are many ways available to find back to the memory that created the emotional wounds

How to find the memory that created the emotions that we carry along? The main approach is actually your emotions the way they appear in our life. To start observing your life and notice when you are angry, disappointed, sad and when you feel guilty or feel that others are better than you ... Every day, these or similar emotions are activated in greater or lesser extent. These emotions are signals to you about what the "baggage" is about.  Sometimes it's sufficient to work with them when they occur, but the most effective is to go back to the "roots", which means the first time they occurred.
After you have worked through a memory, you may see several "parallels", i.e. later events and understand how the thought pattern that you developed in the first situation, has created similar situations.

You can also observe your life and look for returning negative thoughts about yourself or other people. They are there as a result of wounds and as defense mechanisms. To accept the pain that cause such negative thoughts is really opening doors in your life.

The impulse that comes here and now
When you feel the emotions coming up here and now, close your eyes, go into yourself and ask: "Where does this come from?" If a memory comes up, you'll probably recognize it as a memory that is about the same kinds of emotions as those you feel now. Go back there and experience the situation as it was. Feel the emotions and recognize your feelings one by one. You will notice that it is as if you open a lid. As you open to accept honestly from the heart, more emotions come up to the surface. This is our soul's nature. It is important to continue until it calms down and you have "emptied yourself", that is put into words all that you felt at that time; What you felt in relation to yourself and what you felt in relation to others. Describe exactly how you feel when accepting. As it bubbles up new feelings, you might suddenly be able to get up several situations that is about the same pattern. Watch them and see the connections, but keep in the memory where you are until you are finished, and has let go of the pain. Many times other situations dissolves by themselves when your soul recognize and understand. Alternatively, you can work with them afterwards.

Use of the emotion map and the body signals 
When you feel the emotions that arise in your daily life, feel whether there appeared a pain or sensation in the body simultaneously. Alternatively - if you have chronic pain or pain that comes and goes; know that they come from the oppressed emotions. Take a look at the summary of where in the body the different feelings occur to find out whether your emotions are similar to some of those that are plotted there.  The emotion map is intended as a guide to show the direction. Your emotions can resemble. It is important that you don’t use only the emotions at the map, but let it show the direction for your work. - And when you begin to accept the emotions, try out many different ways to put your emotions into words. Two words that are similar to each other may work completely different. You know it with your entire being when what you accept fit your emotions! Use the emotion map in combination with the impulses that come to you.

Travel into the physical pain
I was inspired by a method that the American author Brandon Bays shows the world through her book "The Journey". It tells about how to travel with the thought into the pain in our body. Our cells have all the information we need. They give those signals to our mind by giving us the pain to tell that “this is something that is not in harmony with the life energy. Soul energy is in every cell, so that the soul's wounds reflect the pains and illnesses in the body. If you decide to try this method, I warmly recommend Brandon Bays' book.

I do it this way: I let the thought move directly to the painful area and then ask the cells to tell me the memory that makes them feel so bad. Stay in the pain point with your thought and ask for information about what creates it. You can get words, images, phrases etc. The memory can be quite obvious if you remember it from your life. Go ahead and start accepting and the emotions and memory gets clearer!

It can also be a memory that you cannot remember with the conscious part of your mind. Then you might get bits, just sensations or words. Know, that you feel is always correct, start to admit whatever you feel. Bringing your emotions from the everyday situation when you start, is guiding you on. When you go into your cells in this way, you can get a surprise because our cells carry the memories that many people do not want to acknowledge. It may be something you have suppressed completely, because it was too painful to see. Your cells can also bring up memories / feelings right back to the fetal stage.

You can get scenes that you immediately know that you haven’t experienced in this life. They are scenes from past lives that you carry in your cells. Our experience is that many people have to experience that we live many lives on earth before they accept it. When we go into these images and discover how the event and emotions affect the choices and actions in this life – no one has any doubt.

Using a relaxation method, travelling back with the help of guidance.
Our offer to you who wants to begin to release the pain in your life, is to help you get completely relaxed so that you come in contact with the mystery of the cells. By coming in a total state of relaxation, you can travel across time and space. Our soul's nature is without perception of time, so when you go back to a memory, the experience is to BE there. That is also why the cells aren’t able to let go of what happened unless you recognize it.
Your soul feels that it is the way it was then. When I give guidance, I am helping the person to relax totally so that yhe/she are able to travel back. This is called regression. I always follow up those who come to guidance by being on the trip with them explaining exactly how you can work on yourself so that you release what is coming up. There are many who cannot bring up memories immediately, so I show you the way by teaching you techniques on how the mind relaxes and your inner leadership takes over. You can do this on your own when you understand how your mind can let go of control.

I offer a CD which leads the inner journey. You can use it to work on your own when you feel ready for it. If you are not accustomed to working on your own, be patient with yourself. This CD is made so that you first are guided to relax and then the rest is guided step by step.  There are long pauses where you can work with recognizing feelings, forgiving and loving. When being true to yourself, you come to a breakthrough.

Using the pendulum as a tool to find the memory 
Many people might be surprised of how it’s possible to find answers by using a pendulum. It is because we are used to think of the physical reality as the only real. As pendulum you can use a necklace that you attach at one end of the chain or a ready-bought to use for the purpose.  To neutralize it, hold it in your hand and visualize that it vibrates as white light.
Mysterious you might think? The thing is, that everything is energy. You can communicate with your soul and body cells this way.
We can ask questions of the pendulum by holding it steady with our hand, let it swing and then get answers. There is an energy that will always be able to give you answers when you are confident that this is so. If you call on your cell awareness, this energy can come to you and give you completely accurate answers, even about the things that you perceive as something that has happened far outside of yourself! The memory is located in the cell's consciousness.

Hold the pendulum firmly and let it hang still. Ask your cells' consciousness to show how the pendulum responds "yes". Then, how it responds "no" and then how it responds "will not / can not answer". When you have three different signals that way, you can start. When it doesn’t want to answer, it is a good reason. Maybe you already know what you ask for?
If you feel run over and hurt at your job one day and you realize that these emotions are rooted in the past, you can use the pendulum when you get home. (You may be angry at those who said or did anything to you, but accept your feelings, forgive the person and try to let go of them. Realize that the person shows you what exist inside of you.)
Once you have the contact, ask: Are these emotions from my childhood? Do you get "yes", you ask, for example: Was it from before I started school? Do you get "No", you ask: Was I older than 6 years? Do you get "cannot answer”, maybe it was when you were 6 years! The pendulum ia able to show you exactly to the memory. When you start asking, your emotions and your intuition give you the questions. And suddenly you are in a memory that made you feel exactly the same kind of feelings as today, and you are on your way to release them!

It need not work so smoothly, but do not give up. You might get "no" when asked if it was your childhood. Then you can for example ask: Was it during adolescence? Was it in adulthood? You can of course get yes to both… Follow your intuition, the emotions and any pain in your body when you ask further. For example you can ask: Is this an issue from school? The pupils? My parents? Siblings? Relate the questions to where you lived, the things that were parts of your life at that time. If you remember the memory, it will come to you. If not, keep asking until you can make the situation match your sensations.

 If you have a lid on it, feel your emotions and admit what you feel. The very most important is to know whether the answers match for you and work to realize what you feel, etc. If the answer is incorrect, go back for a while and ask again. Follow the impulses that come to you in the meantime. (We all try to avoid pain and in the beginning of release work we often avoid going into memories.)

Do you get "no" to all questions about when it happened in this life, then ask: Does this come from a painful situation in a past lifetime? Do you get yes, you stand in front of an exciting exploration journey. Ask for ex:  Did things happen in my country? Was it in Europe? Was it BC? Was I rich?  Was I poor? Was I married? etc. Let the situation that triggered the event accompany and guide you on how to ask! One relevant question: Is there anyone in the situation that I know in this life?
The situation is similar to what happened to you this day, as the feelings you bring with you from the now into that time frame and experience, are the same. Perhaps you come to the Middle Ages, perhaps to the last century. In the same way as before: Realize exactly what you feel and you're at it.
Good luck!