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- Where in the body do the different feelings create pain?
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There is an energy field around our body, connecting our soul, mind and body.
At this page you find an overview of where in our body the different feelings create physical pain.

We are used to think that our physical body is who we are.  However, we use thoughts and feelings when we communicate and meet other people, right?   - You can think of another person or you can feel strong feelings for a person who is far away from you. Thus our consciousness expand far outside our own body. After having started to think this way several years ago, I am certain that research in the future will include the whole human being, which means the thoughts, feelings and body as a whole. Our consciousness is not only situated in our heads, but in a field around us, which can expand when needed.  The field contains our perception of ourselves, contributing to hold the energy of who we are.

In recent years, many people have become familiar with Eastern traditions through various types of natural medicine. Many of you have probably seen pictures of the meridian system that shows the points where the acupuncture needles are put to make the life energy (chi) flow. Chinese thousands-years tradition is spread all over the world and show the way in a new direction. However I have many discoveries to share, based on my own work.

To the left you can see a schematic picture of the energy system, from a side angle, the way I have got it presented from higher dimensions. (Actually the energy flow covers the entire body, but only the channels are drawn at this picture) This is the way the field vibrates from the heart, through and around the body when we are completely free from emotional pain. The field vibrates from the middle of the chest, forwards and backwards. Our thoughts and feelings, which which you may see as energy, vibrates through channels, (called chakras in Eastern tradition), where the energy is vibrating in circular motion. Vibration actually means that the particles communicate their perception to all the other particles in the field so that a person perceive him/herself as a being separated from others. It is only at the heart the energy vibrates out into the field.  All the other channels are vibrating towards the body and by the meridian system, back to the heart area.

This is why we need to be true to ourselves as much as possible.
e need to know who we are and what we stand for. Our energy fields reach outside of us so that our energy sometimes merge with other peoples' energy fields. Still, the particles in your field know who you are!

The soul's energy is by this system related to every cell in our body. When we meet a situation in which we experience emotional pain, our soul’s conclude for ex: "I'm not good enough the way I am" or "The others think that I'm stupid" or "It's my fault". The Life energy, which is love in every single cell, immediately relates to the statements that don’t match their conviction. The Life energy meets our pain that limits the energy in the cells when we have been wounded, belittled or felt guilt (as in this example).
The Life energy is then prevented by the pain, so that some cells express pain in stead of love. When a person experiences the same and similar things, it is being repeated in several cells and physical pain occur in the body.

I have discovered that the same type of pain and thought patterns create in the same body areas in all human beings. Therefore I have created an overview that can be of help to you when you want to work to release yourself.

Our energy field is a "bubble of conviction" of who we are, containing our perception.

When we are born, we are rather like "unwritten sheets". Then the light particles vibrate lovingly in our system without obstruction. As we start developing, we begin to take in the perceptions of the people in our surroundings. We also, in our daily lives meet situations that create smaller and bigger wounds.
Eventually we take in our perceptions largely through meeting with different environments, media and Internet. In addition most people's thoughts are influenced by the collective fields that lie between people. Thus all these factors form us, so it is very important to hold on to good qualities and values of  who we are. Seeing this, we see how important it is to give children a good upbringing, containing good values and qualities.

Summary of where the emotions block the life energy.

The third eye or forehead
When our soul don't want to hear, see or understand because of painful memories, we have problems with eyes and ears.  When our soul is not willing to realize or admit things , we may get pain in our jaw.  When we suppress our soul's wisdom and guidance we may get problems with the jaw.

The Throat area
At the back: feeling of not worthy of love, not worthy of life and similar.
Left side of the neck: Feeling of not allow oneself to enjoy life.  Feeling of being lied to and feelings related to dishonesty. To feel fooled.
Right side of the neck: To feel the need to punish oneself, judge oneself, To feel violated, offended. To feel disparaged.
Front of neck: To feel that nobody cares, that nobody sees us or hears us.

The thymus area
Above the heart is a area that is very important for most people.  The area is situated at the top of the breastbone and in the corresponding area at the back plus top of shoulders.
he feeling of responsibility can be too strong.  We easily take responsibility for everything and everybody… Time has come to let people find their own ways, to let them take responsibility for themselves when they are old enough.  We all need to take responsibility for ourselves. (Help people who really need our help.)
Front: The
feeling that we don’t deserve… love, anything!
Shoulders: Feeling that we must do, must manage.
At the back: feeling of responsibility and obligation.

The heart area
Front: In the middle, grief, pain, self pity (the lungs), to feel that we need to sacrifice ourselves, bitterness, despair.
Back: Anger, self anger, frustration, irritation, disappointment, self-hatred, hatred, contempt, bitterness.
Longing and irritation is situated behind the shoulder blades.  (When you realize your cells are love, you don't need to long for it!)

Solar plexus area
Front: the feeling
fear. Fear is always linked to something, so fear will always occur more than one place and prevent vibration in other areas.  
Front, also:
Feeling lonely, feel that things are unfair. nervousness, worry. 
Back: Worry about money, fear of loosing your power.

Below navel area
of guilt and inadequacy are situated in our hips. Feeling that other people are better than us. Jealousy and envy come from the feeling of not being good enough.  We take on guilt of the most incredible things!  Very often the guilt we carried is irrational.
feeling of sexual suppression.  Lack of feeling pleasure in general in life is also situated here. Reluctance.
The feeling that we need to be perfect to be loved and/or accepted.
Wanting to blame ourselves and others is situated at the lumbar area.
Root or thighs' area

Feeling that we want to die, not want to live, hopelessness, powerlessness, wanting to give up,
Feeling failure, shame, despair.

Lower root or knees and below area
Lack of feeling of trust in life.  Not daring to make choices. Feeling insecure. Feeling of no point in living. Feelings that other people rule over you.

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