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This is a Norwegian book;  the text  is now translated to English.

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Life energy and the secret of cells

"A book that concerns all
- and challenges science! "

What makes pain occur in our body? To find out, Inger had to learn to think in a different way. She threw away the happy pills she was told to take to reduce anxiety and started to observe how her thoughts and feelings influenced her body. This book presents what she found through 9 years work.

This book is a great gift, not only to people who have mental problems, but to everybody. By releasing her emotions very thoroughly through several years, (2004-2007) Inger found some interesting irrational phenomena in our psyche. She found a way to work through the contradictions, which led to complete release of those mental blockages. 

Inger Susaeg is a visionary writer living in North of Norway. Up through life, she has worked with drama and art with children, young people and adults. It brought her to become a drama professor at university level, a profession she finds useful also when giving lectures and creating exhibitions. During the last years, she has given workshops and lectures and guided people who want to learn how they can take responsibility for their lives in a new way.

Having become several times enlightened by her release work, she discovered that her energy field was able to expand, to wherever she is seeking answers. The book also contains the method she used to release herself, including many examples from her work, both with clients and her personal release.


From the introduction: During the last hundred years several “invisible phenomenon” have come into being, devices that weren’t thinkable before they emerged as a result of technological development. This started with the ordinary telephone, then came the radio, then television. Now we take mobile phones, computers and broadband for granted without giving many thought to the technology behind the devices.

We experience ourselves in the same way.  Most of us take life for granted and assume that it continues for us until the day comes when something doesn’t work. We cannot just replace ourselves, like we do with mobile phones. Science actually knows a highly developed technology behind a variety of invisible energy forms that we benefit from and enjoy, while the “technology” behind what makes us alive and creates life seems to be a mystery.