Imagine, that in schools, universities and workplaces, in government buildings and town halls all over the world, on radio and TV, and at home in the kitchen ...
Everyone talks about
how we can create peace and fairness in the world by thinking in a new way.

What if we let forgiveness
be a topic of conversation all over the world!
It's all about attitude to life.
humanity is one big family.
human being has a task, when we see ourselves as significant.

Peace starts with every single one of us.
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This YouTube presentation shows the main idea behind our work.



Self-development work led us to understand that greed, vengefulness, selfishness, accusations occur from suppressed painful emotions inside of single human beings. Painful memories create conflicts and violence!

We need to create a new culture where we can speak about feelings! So that we can learn how to get rid of emotional pain. 

Everybody needs to learn to forgive as an important part of peace work. Besides, it is a gift to ourselves.
By experience we know that everybody can learn to work through emotional pain and leave painful memories behind. It is needed to create lasting peace.  However, it is difficult to point at others and tell them what to do. We actually need to start with ourselves. 

This self-development method shows how we systematically may work through our emotional "baggage" and remove irritation, tendency to blame and negative thoughts.

What do all people have in common? There is an energy in all living things. Life Energy. By observing and studying the life energy, we may create a mutual platform. We can build bridges between cultures, religions and nations. The answers are right in front of our eyes when we take time to stop and think.

Lectures in English
Appreciating feedback and communicating!

Can we agree on the following?
  • There is energy in everything alive.
  • Life Energy is what makes a human being different from a sculpture.
  • Life energy is common for all people, regardless of language, religion and color.
  • Life Energy accepts us just the way we are, wherever we live, whatever we do.
  • Life Energy accepts all of our choices and gives us new opportunities all the time.
  • Life Energy does not judge ... We must realize that it is we, the human beings, who judge ourselves and each other.
  • Life Energy doesn't take side in conflicts or wars. It gives life to warring parts. It is neutral.

Lectures and peace workshop


Click the picture to the right and see how it is today...

We expect passively that someone is fixing and organizing things for us. Notice that the little boy is the only one that wonder about completely other things...Maybe more people should look in new directions?

When you are actively working with all these qualities, you get new ideas on how to create peace on earth

Copyright Inger Susaeg, Norway  

Here are examples of how you can start:

  • Accepting ourselves the way we are.

  • Accepting others where they are on their path.

  • Forgiving ourselves and asking others for forgiveness.

  • Forgiving others.

  • Seeing our diversity and multitude as valuable as a source of enjoyment and development.

  • Working to let go of prejudices about what is different.

  • Activating all the good qualities that lead to peace. (link to the left)

Of course, we shall not accept our own or other's bad behaviour!

Imagine people who have been at war with each other ... Embracing each other. Singing
together. Dancing together. Having meals together.
What are
you willing to do, to
make that happen

When you think about it, I think you will be surprised and ask yourself: "Why have not I thought of this before?" Well. The changes are happening now!

  There are many years of hard work behind the knowledge on this website.
  A gift to Inger's global work is appreciated very much.

There are many years hard work behind the knowledge on this website.
                                             A gift to Inger's global work is appreciated very much.


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A greeting from the founder

I have worked with many different things and learned from the school of life. Sailor, teacher, kindergarten assistant, batik artist, drama teacher. In the past 17 years I have worked with self-development. Therefore, I have been engaged in peace work. Emotional wounds cause us to think negatively. I mean, peace on
Earth must begin with ourselves. You and me.
I have an additional idea. To create a fair world, we who live in the rich countries should pay more for the goods like tea, coffee that are not able to grow in our countries.. Therefore, I suggest, that those who grow or
produce should have more than all the other links in the sale chain. I think it is possible to create an international law on this. 
It is time to act. We really need to appreciate the amazing planet we live on, rejoice in community with others and above all, to engage in what we are concerned about.

By working closely with my soul's consciousness for many years, I have gained insight into the true nature of existence. The particles that everything consist of
are conscious. They have been programmed for a long time, so that the physical origin of life developed on the planet. I  communicate and cooperate with people who have died, but are living in the ethereal dimensions around the Earth. They are working very actively with the humans to create peace on Earth across borders and religions. It gives reason for optimism for the future.

Warm regards from
Inger Susaeg,
I am responsible for this website.

Inger Susaeg




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I want this website to show a new way on Internet by encouraging you to pay when you appreciate what I give you.

I think people have become far too used to free websites and downloads without paying for what they actually receive. It has developed a culture of lack of gratitude and appreciation. It seems that people take for granted that websites make themselves on Internet.

I do not want to use commercials to keep it going. I want people to be able to read without being disturbed by pictures of and issues about totally other things. The way it is right now, I want my work to be shown so that it catches people's interest, so I cannot charge you to get into it. Then I will not reach new people. For me, who present completely new ideas, I need many people to find it and read it.

I know that some people read my website frequently without paying. They probably think that there are other people who pay?

It is not the kind of society I want to contribute to develop. We all want to be treated fair and honest. Then we all should constribute to the world in fair and honest ways. People should freely feel respect and gratitude and pay money for gifts of information and insights they are receiving, like in all other kinds of trading.  There must be a balance between receiving and giving.

I encourage people to help me let my work get known. That is another way of appreciation - to pass on to more and more people.